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Students in Schools

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Policy 500.20 – Student Clubs

The Board of Education recognizes the need to provide guidance to schools regarding authorization of student curricular and non-curricular clubs as outlined in state law, while maintaining a fair opportunity to any students who wish to conduct a meeting within a limited open forum without discrimination on the basis of religious, political, philosophical or other content of the speech at such meeting.

Policy 500.22 – School Fees

The Board of Education recognizes the value of school-sponsored student activities, courses, and programs during and outside of the regular school day to complement student academic growth, to allow students to build positive relationship with peers, and offer learning opportunities for individual students and groups. The Board of Education is willing to charge fees to offer the activities, courses, and programs for students consistent with its statutory authority and consistent with state law and Utah State Board of Education (USBE) rule.

Policy 500.24 – Student Educational Travel

The Board of Education recognizes student participation in properly planned, well-managed, and fully supervised educational activities requiring travel, such as field trips, conferences, workshops, and overnight trips, provide meaningful educational experiences for students and are a vital component of the District’s curriculum.

Policy 500.26 – Student Automobile Use and Parking

The Board of Education recognizes the responsibility and need to maintain control of parking and driving on school property. The Board of Education is committed to exercising all reasonable efforts to protect the safety and welfare of students, staff, and others who park or drive on school property.

Policy 500.27 – Protection of Athlete and Student Head Injuries

The Board of Education is committed to the safety and protection of athletes and students with head injuries. The Board recognizes the need to establish protocols for management of concussions and traumatic head injuries, including notice to the parent or legal guardian regarding the risks associated with continued participation after sustaining a concussion and the protocols for safe return of students following injury.

Policy 500.28 – High School Yearbook

The Board is supportive that each high school publish a yearbook. The Board recognizes that student involvement in the processes provides many rewarding experiences and offers enrichment. The Board commissions the District Administration to develop practices and procedures to ensure that each high school will be able to publish a yearbook that reflects District mission and values.

Policy 500.29 – Eye Protection

The Board of Education recognizes the need for a policy and program of eye protection in the secondary schools. School principals, with the cooperation of classroom teachers, shall take all necessary precautions to avert eye damage or loss among students and teachers.