Mental Health: When Does Teen Angst Become Something to Worry About?

Teenagers endure a lot. The stress of doing well in school in preparation for college, careers, and adulthood is a lot to shoulder. Add to that modern-day social stressors and social media. Then throw a pandemic into the mix — and you can understand why a few mood swings are the norm.

Brandon Segura, Ph.D

The teenage years are a time of great physical, social, and intellectual growth. They also happen to be when more serious mental health issues can surface, which can create a quandary for parents who want so desperately to encourage their teen’s newfound spirit of independence while also providing the supports they need.

So, when do the normal ups and downs of teenage life become something to worry about — and seek help for?  Here, at Connect Canyons, we recently posed these questions, and more, to one of Canyons District’s school psychologists, Brandon Segura, Ph.D. As a parent and a professional, he had some great advice and timely insights to share.

First, and foremost, he said: Trust your instincts, make time for fun, and when in doubt, seek the expert advice of a mental health professional. Parenting is a big, important job, which means it isn’t easy, he said, and sometimes it helps to have someone in your corner for a little encouragement.

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