Utah House Speaker Spotlights ‘Productive Relationship’ with CSD

The Canyons Board of Education and Administration on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016 were recognized by Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes, R-Draper, for the District’s efforts to work collaboratively with lawmakers to provide a stellar education to children. 

On the first day of the General Session of the 61st Utah Legislature, Speaker Hughes, who represents a section of Canyons District, dedicated several minutes of his opening remarks to laud the Board and Superintendent Dr. Jim Briscoe for the “productive relationship” they have formed with state lawmakers who appropriate state funds for public schools. 

“I cannot imagine a time, truly, when the ground was more fertile for collaboration and partnership with our education stakeholders than we have in front of us right now,” Hughes said, noting that a significant chunk of the state’s $14 billion budget goes to education.   

“Since I arrived in 2003 there has been a longstanding debate in this body and in the public about local control versus legislative oversight,” he said. “In the meetings I have had with the state school board and my local school board and their leaders, it is finally, after all these years” moving toward a true, positive partnership. 

Moments before, Hughes asked Briscoe and members of the Canyons Board, as well as the Utah State Board of Education and state-office administration, to stand and be recognized in the House gallery.  The Speaker personally invited the board members and administrators to attend and be recognized. Their appearances were met with applause, led by the Speaker. 

The state-funding formula for Utah’s schools was created so that lawmakers and districts could share stewardship of public education, he said.  “(It was meant) for us to be partners, to build trust in one another, and to work together to move the needle and do right by our students and schools.”

Board President Sherill H. Taylor expressed appreciation for the Speaker’s public recognition of Canyons’ efforts to work hand-in-hand with the state lawmakers to provide strong schools that prepare students for college and careers.

“Along with parents and teachers, our legislators serve as important partners in our aim to provide a 21st century education to the children in our schools. We value their vision for Utah public education, and we appreciate their respect of local governance of neighborhood schools,” Taylor said. “As our legislators start the hard work of another legislative session, we thank them for their dedicated service and ongoing support of increased student achievement in Utah classrooms.”

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