Middle School Debate League Launched

We all know middle school students know how to argue. Now, their argumentation skills have been fine-tuned and put to the test at the inaugural Canyons School District fall debate tournament for middle school students. Hosted at Corner Canyon High on Oct. 24, 2013, the CSD Middle School Debate League event drew participants from six middle schools. Students from Albion, Butler and Midvale reaped the most awards. Here are the results:

Policy Debate

  • 1st Place Grace Wang and Alana Liu, Midvale
  • 2nd Place Katelyn Shellman and Aditi Kalla, Midvale
  • 3rd Place Sraavya Pinjala and Maddie Stewart, Midvale
  • 4th Place Anna Slagle & Sophia Gundry, Butler
  • 5th Place Grace Burns & Bailey Adler, Mount Jordan
  • 6th Place Sammi Eggett & Allison Galagher, Eastmont
  • 7th Place Mona Monstart & McCall Skinner, Butler
  • 1st Speaker Kyann Otterstrom, Butler
  • 2nd Speaker Brandon Cummiskey, Butler

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 1st Place Anna Tang, Midvale

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 1st Place Sophia Luker, Albion
  • 2nd Place Joseph Al-Abudi, Albion
  • 3rd Place Margaret Flynn, Albion

Original Oratory

  • 1st Place Sofia Rahaniotis, Albion
  • 2nd Place Sydney Prather, Albion
  • 3rd Place Hannah Bartricki, Albion

The middle school debate teams are coached by: Emma Coates, Albion; Heather Beagley, Butler; Deann Kennedy and Liz Neely, Eastmont; Dan Ashbridge and Christina Forbush, Midvale; Benjamin Simmons, Mt. Jordan; and Christina Vandam, Union.

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