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‘Label FrancEducation’ For Butler, Oak Hollow

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  • Post last modified:January 31, 2013

C’est magnifique! The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded the prestigious Label FrancEducation to French Dual-Immersion schools Butler and Oak Hollow elementaries. Label FrancEducation, which has been extended to just nine schools in the United States and 25 schools worldwide, recognizes institutions with high-quality francophone departments and access to a range of services. 

In addition to the Label FrancEducation designation, Butler Principal Christine Waddell and Oak Hollow Principal Corrie Barrett were invited by the Ministry and the French Senate to attend a bilingual education seminar in Paris in December 2012. The event, fully funded by the French government, included a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Quai D’Orsay), a seminar held at the French Senate, a day at the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques in Sèvres, and the opportunity to share ideas with fellow Dual Immersion principals from around the world.

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