Canyons Starts 2012 Charitable Giving Campaign

Dear Canyons Employees,

It is my privilege to invite you to participate in the Community Shares/Utah Annual Campaign. Fall always brings to mind a sense of reflection and gratitude. I am glad to partner with Community Shares/Utah to provide each of you an opportunity to share your resources with others. I invite all employees to support this noble endeavor by selecting and contributing to one of the many Community Shares/Utah charities.

Community Shares/Utah is one of three federations authorized by the state of Utah to collect donations through payroll deductions. As such, Community Shares/Utah is able to process and forward your disbursement to member non-profit organizations that have met IRS accountability standards, as well as state and federal requirements for charitable giving. Donating via payroll deductions keeps administrative costs down and ensures that donated money reaches its intended recipients.

I am proud to announce that our own Canyons Education Foundation is listed in this year’s booklet menu under Community Shares/Utah Agencies. The Foundation, listed as No. 05595, can be found on Page 10. Please consider a donation to the Canyons Education Foundation to directly support our teachers and students. On the bottom of the form, underneath “Specify Charity Designation,” you can specify the school or classroom of your choice.

Community Shares/Utah is a federation of 19 non-profit organizations that help each other with training, financial support and education to increase public awareness about human, animal and environmental problems and identify strategies to solve them. Through their programs and payroll contributions, they help their charities achieve good health, environmental protection, safe communities, economic opportunity, human rights and animal welfare. They assist people with disabilities, protect the environment, nurture animals, and bring about happier and healthier lives.

I invite you to be part of the change that impacts people’s lives by returning a completed payroll deduction card to Kathy Anderson, Director of the Office of Partnerships and Community Service, by Oct. 30, 2012.


Dr. David S. Doty, Superintendent

pdfCharitable Giving Campaign Information Booklet
pdfCharitable Giving Form


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