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Board Meeting Summary, March 3, 2020

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs by clicking on the corresponding agenda items.

School Lunch, Breakfast Prices

A small bump to the cost of meals in CSD cafeterias was approved by the Board of Education. Even though food and labor costs have risen, this is the first increase for CSD school-made and -served meals since the founding of the District in 2009. Next year, elementary breakfasts will be $1 and elementary lunches will be $1.25. Secondary-school breakfast will be $1.25 and secondary-school lunches will cost $2.25. Currently, Canyons charges 90 cents for breakfast and $1.75 for lunch in elementary schools. In middle and high schools, students are charged $1.10 for breakfast and $2 for lunch.  

Superintendent Search Update

Communications Director Jeff Haney updated the Board on progress of the search for a superintendent to succeed Dr. Jim Briscoe, who is retiring after a 38-year career in education. There are 10 days left in the application period, which was timed to capitalize on peak hiring season with the goal of having someone in place by the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Ads have been running for weeks in national trade magazines and jobs boards. A video was produced and website launched to showcase the District and the Canyons District community. To date, the website has drawn nearly 1,000 page views, 791 of which are from unique visitors. More than 500 brochures were printed for distribution by an independent, third-party facilitator who was contracted to help actively recruit candidates and conduct a preliminary screening of all candidates. In addition, community feedback was sought during Town Hall meetings, and through surveys emailed to all student households, employees and administrators. More than 1,000 parents completed surveys, describing the characteristics they’d like to see in a new superintendent. About 15 percent of all employees and 40 percent of all administrators completed surveys. All groups surveyed expressed a desire to have a candidate with extensive classroom and administrative experience. Among other traits to emerge were honesty, trustworthiness, and a candidate who is collaborative, attentive, innovative and forward-thinking and fosters a culture of respect.

Accreditation Process

Canyons schools are due for an accreditation renewal as the District’s current accreditation, which is limited to high schools, is set to expire in spring 2021. The District has opted to undergo a more expansive review this year to encompass all elementary, middle and high schools, explained Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Dowdle. Administrators and Board members will work with the accrediting agency Cognia over the next several months to proceed with the review and prepare for randomly-selected school site visits by accreditors. The review will begin immediately and take 20 months to complete.

School Fee Update

The Board of Education continued to discuss the proposed fees for secondary schools for the 2020-2021 school year. By law, the Board must approve a fee schedule by April after giving the public an opportunity to review the proposals. Included in the proposed changes is an increase to the maximum amount from $4,000 to $5,000 and combining the textbook fee with the activity fee. Schools also are prohibited from using one fee to subsidize another fee or waiver and that fees must be equal to or less than the cost of the activity. A third reading is scheduled for March 17. The proposed fee schedule, which includes new competition, miscellaneous, and travel fees, was created with feedback from principals and issues that came up throughout the year. Schools have had a link to the proposed fee schedule on their website since the last week of February. A Skylert email message also was sent to parents alerting them to the proposed fee schedules. Input was solicited and compiled into a report for the Board of Education. The Board provided direction based on the discussion and public input and asked the Administration to bring back changes to the proposal for the upcoming Board meeting.

Policy Committee Update

As part of an update on the work of the CSD Policy Committee, Responsive Services Director BJ Weller asked Board for approval to move forward with forming a Youth Court, even before the Board’s approval of a pending policy that governs student discipline. Weller will bring back more information to the next Board meeting. The District’s Policy Committee updated to a significant portion of the Canyons Policy Manual, said Assistant Legal Counsel Jeff Christensen. The committee, made up of Christensen, three members of the Board, the Superintendent, External Affairs, and other District staff by invitation, tackled updates and revisions to 30 policies in the 2018-2019 school year. This year, he said, the policies being discussed and updated are complex and have taken a little more time. 

Consent Agenda

The Board of Education approved the Consent Agenda, which includes the approval of minutes from the Board meeting on Feb. 18, 2020; hire and termination reports; the placement of four portables at Draper Park Middle and two at Midvale Elementary; a LAND Trust Amendments for Lone Peak Elementary and Indian Hills Middle; and a lease agreement with Cottonwood Heights Park and Recreation Services Area from 2020 to 2025.

Legislative Update

Canyons District’s External Relations Director Charles Evans updated the Board of Education on public-education funding proposals and education-related bills that are wending through the 2020 General Session of the Utah Legislature, which ends on March 14. Evans told the Board the legislature has cancelled meetings largely because the body is short three drafting attorneys. Patrons interested in keeping informed of the decision being made at the legislature can receive daily updates through CSD’s Legislative RSS Feed.

Pledge of Allegiance, Inspirational Thought

The American and state flags were presented by students from Edgemont Elementary. For the scheduled inspirational thought, Cathy Schino, principal of 385-student Edgemont, shared a quote by Fred “Mr. Rogers” Rogers. Edgemont’s school motto, “Choose Kindness,” has been amplified by the adoption of CSD’s social-emotional learning curriculum, she said. Last year, 85 percent of Edgemont students showed typical and above-typical growth in reading. Mid-year data for the school suggests the students may exceed that number this year, Schino said. Edgemont, built in 1958, is one of the school scheduled to be rebuilt in 2021. Edgemont and the nearby Bell View will join to become one strong school community when the new school is constructed. The new facility will take roughly one year to build.

Patron Comment

  • Parent Chad Heyborne, representing the Alta High football program, addressed the Board about the proposed fee schedule.
  • Malece Marston, PTA president at Sprucewood Elementary, expressed concern about some of the changes at the school, including the constant rotation of principals at the school. 
  • Draper Elementary third-grade student Frankie Peerer asked the Board for more history instruction in elementary school.   

Superintendent, Business Administrator Reports

Dr. Briscoe congratulated the District’s financial team for receiving the Certificate in Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Association of School Business Officials International. The award is given to districts that uphold the highest standards for financial reporting and accountability as exemplified by their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. It’s the 11th year CSD has received the honor. He noted that robotics competitions will be held this weekend and wished the competitors good luck.

Business Administrator Leon Wilcox thanked the District’s custodial crews for their efforts to reduce the spread of disease, especially amid the COVID-19 outbreaks in other parts of the country. 

Board of Education Reports

Mr. Mont Millerberg noted the news reports about the efforts Canyons custodial crews are making to clean schools during a time of concern over the novel coronavirus. He also reported on the progress of the rebuild of Hillcrest High, and the meetings of the Design Committee for the new Union Middle.  The new Midvalley also progressing at a rapid clip. He also mentioned the “Scoring for Schools” event at Midvale Elementary during which teachers received $14,000 in classroom supplies from the Real Salt Lake Foundation. 

Mrs. Amanda Oaks thanked teachers for their hard work at Parent-Teacher Conferences. She also reported on attending the Town Hall meeting held as part of the national Superintendent Search, and meetings to discuss legislation that directly impacts schools. She thanked the External Affairs team for its work at the 2020 General Session of the Utah Legislature.

Mrs. Amber Shill thanked teachers for their efforts at Parent-Teacher Conferences. She also thanked the administrators and staff who operate the schools. She mentioned the work of Charlie Evans and Public Engagement Coordinator Susan Edwards at the legislative session.   

Mr. Steve Wrigley commented on the Town Hall meeting for the Superintendent Search, the work of the Policy Committee, and the “Scoring for Schools” event at Midvale Elementary.

Mr. Chad Iverson said he’s pleased CSD is leading out on preparations to respond to a possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus.  He also reported on attending committee meetings.

President Tingey thanked the Board for the robust conversations at the meeting about important issues and for attending the District’s various activities. She noted the response from an online survey that mentioned the strength of the District as a growing organization that is striving for the best.

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