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Board Meeting Summary, April 11, 2023

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs by clicking on the corresponding agenda items

Administrative Appointments

The Canyons Board of Education approved the following administrative positions for the 2023-2024 school year:

Lori Reynolds, Principal at Midvale Elementary, will take a position as a Human Resources Administrator in charge of recruiting elementary teachers. She replaces Sally Sansom who was recently appointed School Performance Director over elementary schools.

Carolee Mackay, an assistant principal at Midvale Elementary, will be promoted to Principal, replacing Lori Reynolds.

Marielle Rawle, an assistant principal at Corner Canyon High, will be promoted to Principal of Brighton High. She replaces Tom Sherwood who was appointed School Performance Director over high schools.

Justin Matagi, an assistant principal at Albion Middle, will serve as an assistant principal at Alta High.

April Sagala, a counselor at Jordan High, will be promoted to Assistant Principal at Brighton High.

Jordan Denos, who comes to Canyons District by way of Davis School District, will serve as an assistant principal at Corner Canyon High.

Eric Gardner, the principal at Bella Vista Elementary, will serve as Principal at Albion Middle. He replaces Dr. Molly Hart who has resigned to take advantage of another job opportunity.

Bryan Rudes, Principal at East Sandy Elementary, will be Principal at Bella Vista Elementary, replacing Eric Gardner.

Dr. Dan Ashbridge, an assistant principal at Midvalley Elementary, will be promoted to Principal at East Sandy Elementary, replacing Bryan Rudes.

John Hellwig, an assistant principal at Union Middle, will transfer to an assistant principal post at Albion Middle.

Roger Moody, an assistant principal at Indian Hills Middle, will be an assistant principal at Union Middle.

Kristana Price, an assistant principal at Draper Park Middle, will transfer to work as an assistant Principal at Midvale Middle.

Mary Simao, an assistant principal at Brighton High, will serve as an assistant principal at Draper Park Middle.

Shelly Karen, an assistant principal at Alta High, will be an assistant principal at Indian Hills Middle.

Julie Fielding, Principal at Silver Mesa Elementary, will be the principal at Altara Elementary. She replaces Nicole Svee-Magann who will be Principal at Willow Canyon Elementary.

Noelle Jones, an achievement coach at Alta View Elementary, will serve as Principal at Silver Mesa Elementary, replacing Julie Fielding.

Michelle Snarr, Principal at Willow Canyon, will serve as assistant principal at Copperview Elementary.

Aimee Wagner, an assistant principal at Copperview Elementary, will be an assistant principal at Midvale Elementary.

Raschelle Davis, an administrative intern in the Davis School District, will serve as Assistant Principal at Copperview Elementary.

Divya Nagpal, an assistant principal at Midvale Middle, will take the post of Principal at Peruvian Park Elementary. She replaces Leslie Jewkes who retires this year.

Barbra Winder, a teacher at Sunrise Elementary, will serve as an assistant principal at Midvalley Elementary.

Anne Hansen, an assistant principal at Sandy Elementary, will be promoted to Principal at Willow Springs Elementary. She replaces Marianne Watts who is retiring this year.

Karla Antivilo, a teacher at Canyon View Elementary, will be an assistant principal at Sandy Elementary.

Transportation Issues

Two nine-passenger vans may be purchased to address small-route transportation challenges, Business Administrator Leon Wilcox told the Board of Education. A van may help ease the busing woes associated with shuttling small groups of students who are reassigned to new schools because of discipline issues or to help students get to CSD’s alternative high schools. Wilcox also said the District is meeting with cities to discuss sidewalk improvements. He also noted that a hazardous-route study has not been done since before the school years impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Three routes have been improved, he said, which could eliminate two stops and one route. Plans call for CSD to hire a traffic engineer to determine if improvements would warrant the elimination of some hazardous routes. Board member Andrew Edtl said School Community Councils of impacted schools should be included in the conversation. A hazardous route costs more than $20,000 yearly to service with District funds because by policy the Utah State Office of Education will not reimburse districts for routes that transport elementary-age children who live within a mile and a half from the school assigned to them by geographic boundaries.


Board Meeting, Bell Schedules

A proposed meeting schedule for the 2024-2025 school year is being reviewed by the Board of Education. The Board of Education also approved a bell schedule for the 2023-2024 school year as part of the Consent Agenda.


TSSP and LAND Trust Plans

Canyons schools have been asked to complete and submit their Teacher and Student Success Plan and LAND Trust Plans by April 17, said Alice Peck, School Performance Director. Two Board of Education members will review and sign off on each plan. Peck said the approved plans need to be returned by May 9 so they can be submitted to the state the funding deadline.


Brookwood Elementary Highlights

The Brookwood Elementary school community is made up of dedicated and invested employees, parents, and students, said Principal Corrie Barrett. Brookwood’s stellar achievement scores comes as a result of hard-working pupils and their teachers who focus on data and targeted instruction. The faculty’s teamwork and “purposeful planning,” coupled with efforts to build a safe and welcoming learning environment, are reflected in Brookwood’s impressive year-end test results, Barrett said. In addition, parent volunteers not only run such extracurriculars as the school choir and the chess club, but help spearhead fund-raisers that have led to the purchase of vaccines and emergency aid items for in-need places around the world. Students also learn leadership skills on an ongoing basis, Barrett said. Every month, students practice a character trait. Brookwood Bears also are eager to participate in Safety Patrol, the Junior Coaches program, and Student Council.


Canyons Strong Employee Recognitions

The following employees were recognized for their contributions in making Canyons strong:

  • CSD’s Teachers of the Year from 48 schools and programs.
  • Corner Canyon track and field coach Tony Glover, who recently died of long COVID-19.
  • Brighton High counselor Jenna Miller and math teacher Katherine Godinez for going the extra mile with a new student.
  • Facilities Department’s Cheri Anderson for being the employee behind “Popcorn Thursdays.”
  • CSD’s Central Warehouse for their work in moving Eastmont into the old Crescent View Middle building while asbestos mitigation is happening at the Patriots’ building.
  • Alta High teacher Ron Strohm for winning the Woodie Flowers Award, given to only one adviser at every regional FIRST Robotics competition.
  • Canyons Superintendent Rick Robins, Business Administrator Leon Wilcox, and Communications Director Jeff Haney for rising early throughout the winter to determine if the weather was bad enough to call for a change in the day’s schedule.


Patron Comment

The following patrons addressed the Board during Patron Comment. Recordings of their remarks can be accessed on BoardDocs.

  • Sharla Arnold
  • Cassie Walker

Student Advisory Council

The Board of Education thanked members of the Student Advisory Council for their service throughout the school year. The council gives input to the Board and Administration on policies and practices that directly impact students. The student group consists of students from CSD’s five traditional high schools and Canyons’ alternative high school. This is the 10th year that CSD has had advisory council. The following are members of this year’s council:

  • Alta: Zach Scheffner, Austin Woodley, Yael Gaspar Sebastian, Felicity Harman​
  • Brighton: Hayden McDaniel, Chesney Chin, Ashton Alexander, Layla Himouda
  • Corner Canyon: Henry Horsley, Kayla Welker, Samantha Harkness, Ian Colton
  • Diamond Ridge: Mialyn Cameron, Henry MacArthur​
  • Hillcrest: Samuel Martin, Sophia Moeinvaziri, Kaleo Kirby, Carissa Jameson​
  • Jordan: Geraldyne Fernandez, Mya Oetinger, Spencer Jackson, Caitlin Isbell


The Canyons Administration is moving forward with plans to build up CSDtv, a media channel for Canyons District-centric programming. Video and Digital Broadcast Specialist Justin Andersen said that CSDtv, which is now housed on the District’s YouTube channel, could expand to public, educational and government access channels and other streaming platforms. Via CSDtv, the District hopes to produce a robust slate of academics, arts and athletic programming, he said. Plans also call for a student-broadcaster program to give secondary students hands-on training to work in the media industry. CSDtv also is one more channel Canyons can use to market programs, provide information to parents, and communicate with residents who do not have school-age children.

Consent Agenda

The Board of Education approved the Consent Agenda, which includes the administrative appointment;, minutes from the March 21, 2023 meeting of the Board; hire and termination reports; purchasing bids;  student overnight travel; the calendar for 2023-2024 school year; and a tentative calendar for 2025-2026 school year.

Strategic Plan

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Bob Dowdle presented an update on the work being done by the committee advancing the “High-Quality Learning” focus area of the Strategic Plan.  CSD’s Instructional Supports Department will head up a project to embed into curriculum maps developmental targets leading to the objectives identified in the Board-approved and unique-to-CSD “Portrait of a Scholar.” Dowdle said the committee is discussing how to provide a recognition program, perhaps as cord to wear at graduation, for the students who meet the Portrait of a Scholar objectives. The committee also is examining key metrics for student-growth indicators, as well as mentoring programs for personnel.

Superintendent, Business Administrator Reports

Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins thanked CSD employees who worked hard on keeping lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice throughout the winter months. He congratulated the administrators who were appointed to new positions, and expressed appreciation for the School Performance Office for leading the task for hire high-quality principals and assistant principals. He noted Assistant Superintendent Dr. Bob Dowdle’s administrative work to oversee the Student Advisory Council meetings.

Business Administrator Leon Wilcox thanked Transportation Director Jeremy Wardle and several other staff members who, throughout the winter, got up at 3:30 a.m. to determine if the roads were safe to travel. He also provided an update on the asbestos mitigation at Eastmont, including recent tests that indicate no contaminant in hallways and classrooms. The Patriots will remain at the old Crescent View Middle for the remainder of this school year.

Board of Education Member Reports

Ms. Karen Pedersen reported on attending the National School Boards Association conference in Orlando and thanked the CSD Transportation Department for their hard work and commitment.

Ms. Nancy Tingey also noted topics covered during NSBA conference sessions and the work of School Community Councils to complete TSSP and LAND Trust plans. She welcomed administrators to their new appointments and thanked CSD personnel for organizing the Student Advisory Council activities.

Mr. Mont Millerberg attended East Midvale Elementary’s SCC meeting and College Day at Midvalley Elementary. He also congratulated Hillcrest theater for being nominated in 10 categories in this year’s Utah High School Musical Theater Awards. He reported on attending the NSBA conference.

Ms. Amanda Oaks attended USBA regional meetings, participated in a meeting regarding The Point, attended the state jazz festival and went to a faculty meeting at Sprucewood Elementary.

Mr. Andrew Edtl volunteered at the Midvale Family Resource Center and toured Canyons cafeterias at several schools. He thanked the Nutrition Services staff for cooking delicious and nutritious food for students. Edtl attended the Building Leadership Team meeting at Jordan and visited with Transportation personnel.

Ms. Holly Neibaur honored her former theater teacher, who recently passed away. She reported on attending the regional USBA meeting and the NSBA conference. One of the school safety workshops, she said, prompted her to think about CSD’s new Thrive Time, which builds welcoming and inclusive environments. She encouraged the District to work with schools on active shooter drills.

President Shill attended the Unified Special Olympics committee, which discussed expanding into the middle schools. She reported on discussions at the regional USBA meeting and thanked fellow Board members, Dr. Robins, and Wilcox for attending the national school board association.  She also congratulated the administrators who were appointed to new roles.

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Lucie Chamberlain

Alta View Elementary

If a movie about super teachers were ever made, Lucie Chamberlain would be a prime candidate for a leading role. Fortunately for her kindergarten students at Alta View Elementary, she already thrives in a supporting role for them. Parents thank her for being a “super teacher.” She is also described as an “amazing colleague.” Whether students need help in the classroom or from home while sick, Lucie goes above and beyond to help them learn, overcome fears, and feel important and cared for. Lucie is the reason a number of kids went from hating school to loving it, according to parents. The way she exudes patience, sweetness, positive energy, and love for her students with special needs melts is appreciated and admired. One parent noted: “Both my kids wish she could be their teacher forever.” Another added:  “She treats every student like their learning and their feelings are her priority.” Super teacher, indeed!

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