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Board Policy

  1. The Board of Education recognizes the importance of providing instruction to students who are confined to home or hospital. The Board also recognizes the need to maintain contact between the school and the home during the time when these students are unable to attend school. The Board, therefore, delegates to the Administration responsibility for developing regulations for a Home and Hospital Instruction Program for students who are unable to attend school due to injury, illness or other extenuating circumstances.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to develop administrative regulations consistent with this policy.



Program Administration - 500.46-1

  1. For information regarding Home Instruction for special education students pursuant to an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please refer to special education guidelines. [Exhibit—1, Home Instruction].  
  2. The Administration shall establish a program to provide instruction to convalescing students in grades one through twelve to alleviate concern over academic work/credit, to maintain the skills necessary for returning to the classroom, and to assure ongoing home/school contact during the term of the illness, injury, or extenuating circumstances. The Home and Hospital Instruction Program will be administered according to the following regulations:



Qualification for Services - 500.46-2

  1. The student lives within the boundaries of Canyons School District and is enrolled in a Canyons District school.
  2. The student is confined at home or in a medical facility due to physical or emotional illness, injury, handicap, complications of pregnancy, or extenuating circumstances.
  3. The student has missed or expects to miss ten (10) or more consecutive days of school.
  4. The student has a pattern of missing three (3) or more days of school each week due to ongoing illness or physical condition.
  5. The student’s condition will allow 50 percent or less attendance during the school day.
  6. Home and Hospital Instruction is recommended by the student’s physician, medical professional, social worker, psychotherapist, or legally directed services, and is requested by the parents/guardian.



Providing Services - 500.46-3

  1. The local school will complete the “Request for Home and Hospital Instruction” form to initiate the services for each student. The designated “District Office” copy of that form with a copy of the doctor’s verification will be submitted with the first Time Sheet and the “Home and Hospital Instruction Teaching Record” form.
  2. The student’s physician, medical professional, social worker, or psychotherapist shall be asked to estimate the length of time that Home and Hospital Instruction services will be needed.
  3. Home and Hospital Instruction services shall be provided for pregnant girls only when extenuating circumstances make it inadvisable or impossible for the student to participate in traditional school.
  4. Home and Hospital Instruction services may be denied or discontinued if it appears that the services are worsening the student’s condition, increasing or prolonging school phobia, or otherwise having a harmful impact upon the student.
  5. In most cases, the duration of services shall be determined by the principal after consultation with the student’s parents and physician, medical professional, social worker, or psychotherapist.
  6. If it appears that the program is being abused by the parent or student, the principal will initiate a formal review with the Superintendent’s designee administering the Home and Hospital Instruction Program.
  7. Students will be provided Home and Hospital Instruction services only during the weeks when their assigned school is in session.
  8. Secondary students in grades 9-12 requiring long-term services of Home and Hospital Instruction (nine weeks or more or seven weeks if it falls within the quarter break) will be transferred to long-term home and hospital services. The Home and Hospital Instruction will be provided in the home or other designated public location (e.g., library, police or fire station) under the direction of the District.
  9. During the last two quarters of the school year, seniors who are on line for graduation and not involved in an extensive makeup program shall receive Home and Hospital Instruction services from their local school to enable the student to graduate from that school.
  10. Instruction for students who are expelled/suspended for drug and alcohol violations will be provided by the local school or District as specified in the District policy.
  11. The District Appeals Committee may rule that some students will receive their education for a designated period of time through the Home and Hospital Instruction Program as an alternative to their local school.  These services will be provided by either the local school or District as directed by the Appeals Committee.



Assignment of Teachers - 500.46-4

  1. Whenever possible, students shall be taught by teachers from the school in which they are enrolled. When an appropriate teacher is not available, the principal may arrange for a teacher from another school.
  2. Principals shall make Home and Hospital Instruction teaching assignments on the basis of teacher interest, availability, and curriculum qualifications.
    1. Teachers shall be reimbursed for providing Home and Hospital Instruction at their current hourly base rate.
    2. One half hour of preparation time is allowed for each two hours of actual instruction.
    3. Teachers shall receive a mileage reimbursement at the current district rate. Mileage is based upon the round-trip distance from the school to the student’s home or other designated public location (e.g., library, police or fire station).  Mileage forms are to be submitted annually or when the amount payable reaches or exceeds $25.  Time required for travel is not part of the two-hour instruction time.
    4. Teachers shall maintain a record of their services on the Home and Hospital Instruction Teaching Record Form, logging the date of each instruction session, arrival and departure times, mileage, and other pertinent information.
    5. The principal shall submit time sheets for Home and Hospital Instruction along with the designated copy of the Home and Hospital Instruction Teaching Record Form signed by the parent to the assistant superintendent administering the Home and Hospital Instruction Program.



Instruction - 500.46-5

  1. Home and Hospital Instruction
    1. Instruction shall be provided at the student’s home or other designated public location (e.g., library, police or fire station) after regular school hours. Generally, one two-hour instruction session shall be provided per week.  With principal approval, two one-hour sessions may be provided if it is deemed in the best interest of the student.  (One-hour sessions are generally only used with elementary-age students.)
    2. A parent or other responsible adult must be present in the home during the instruction session. If the parent or guardian fails to provide proper chaperonage, the instruction session shall be canceled.
    3. Textbooks shall be furnished by the school where the student is enrolled.
    4. Long term (nine weeks or more) Home and Hospital students will be provided instruction through on-site, on-line or designated, accredited alternative programs or a combination of these under the direction of the District.
  2. Hospital Instruction
    1. Canyons District shall provide teachers, textbooks, and instructional materials for students confined to approved non-accredited hospitals.
    2. Students enrolled in Canyons District and later assigned to hospitals with accredited educational programs shall be served in one of two ways:
      1. Withdrawn from Canyons School District and transferred to the accredited institution which will provide teachers, textbooks and instructional materials.
      2. Assigned to a school but may be served at the hospital by an accredited institution under a contract with Canyons School District based upon a daily pro-rated amount of the WPU. Teachers, textbooks, and instructional materials shall be provided by the institution under contract.



Grades and Credit for School Attendance - 500.46-6

  1. Students who are receiving Home and Hospital Instruction shall be counted as attending school.
  2. Secondary teachers must prepare assignment sheets for students in their classes who are receiving Home and Hospital Instruction. Substitute assignments will be provided if the regular class activities cannot be completed at home.  Upon consultation with the school administration, the teacher can give the student an “incomplete” for the course when it cannot be appropriately taught through Home and Hospital Instruction.  In this case, the teacher would provide an opportunity for the student to make up the missed credit through an alternative class or program.  Because of limited instructional time, the Home and Hospital Instruction Program is designed to help students maintain credit.  
  3. Middle school and high school students who receive Home and Hospital Instruction for five weeks or more during any one quarter shall receive attendance credit and grades for work completed from the Home and Hospital Instruction.
    1. Grades awarded by the Home and Hospital Instruction teacher shall be averaged with the grades awarded by the regular classroom teachers to determine the grades to be entered on the student’s report card and permanent record.
    2. If the student was on Home and Hospital Instruction for a full quarter, the student’s report card grades shall be determined by the Home and Hospital Instruction teacher.


  •  Exhibit—1—Home Instruction





This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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