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Policy 400.32 Exhibit 3 – CLASS Process Timeline

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CLASS Process Timeline

  • Orientation: August 15
    • Completed at least fifteen (15) school days prior to the first formal evaluation
  • Self-Assessment and Goal Setting: August 30
  • Beginning-of-Year Conference (BYC): September 15
    • Feedback and approval provided by September 15, or
    • within fifteen (15) school days of submission, whichever is greater
  • Stakeholder Survey Window: November 10 – 30

  • Stakeholder Input Rating (SIR): December 15

  • Mid-Year Conference for Provisional Administrators: January 30

  • Student Growth Rating (SGR): June 15

  • End-of-Year Conference for Provisional and Career 3 Administrators: June 15

    • Leadership Quality Rating (LQR)
    • Summative Overall Rating (SOR)

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