Sportsmanship Award Winners Brought Smiles — and Their Best Effort

The recipients of the Sportsmanship Award for Canyons School District’s Adapted Physical Education program are cheerful, helpful and give their best even in difficult situations.

Take Crescent Elementary kindergartner Weston McPherson, for example. Good luck wiping the big smile off of the face of this hard-working student, who was called “a delight” by Crescent principal Camie Montague.

“That’s why we chose Weston,” Crescent teacher Kathryn Taylor said, “because he’s just fantastic and is always willing to try to do something, even if it’s hard, and he’s happy for classmates when they succeed. He’s always smiling!”

One student from each of the Canyons District schools with Adapted PE courses receives the Sportsmanship Award, which recognizes them for meeting three criteria: 1. constantly following directions; 2. being happy for others and their accomplishments; and 3. working hard on development skills and their personal physical education goals.

One of the best parts of winning the award for Weston: His kindergarten class celebrated by eating popsicles with the aides.

Congratulations to Weston and the other 2020-2021 Sportsmanship Award winners.

Isaac Kilpatrick

Alta View Elementary

“Isaac comes to Adapted PE each week, willing to work and always following directions the first time. He is always courteous and kind to all of his classmates.”

Weston McPherson

Crescent Elementary

“Weston always comes to Adapted PE with a smile on his face and follows directions the first time. No matter the difficulty of the activity, Weston will attempt to do his best.”

Baldo Arriagia

Bell View Elementary

“He is so kind and helpful to the other students in his class. He has greatly improved in his confidence to do locomotor skills and has become a ‘pro’ at our Obstacle Course!”

Marcus Fernandez

Silver Mesa Elementary

“Marcus comes to our Adapted PE class willing to participate in any new activity and has become very competent in our warm-up activities. The other students in our class enjoy working with Marcus because of his maturity and cheerful attitude.”

Connor Jones

Granite Elementary

“Connor loves to be active and try his best in class. He is often one of the peer models and leads his classmates.”

Logan Martinson

Willow Canyon Elementary

“Logan loves to demonstrate what he knows! He is often watching other peers and giving them encouragement.”

Natalie VanRoosendaal

Willow Springs Elementary

“Natalie always brings a smile to teachers’ faces! She is easygoing and flexible, which makes for an ideal APE student.”

Saxton Snowball

Edgemont Elementary

“Saxton is full of motivating energy and is a hard worker. Teachers can always count on Saxton to be an engaged and attentive learner.”

Ava Baird

Jordan Valley School

“This school year, Ava has made incredible improvements in her mobility and her confidence. Her smile lights up our hallways and we are honored to be able to work with Ava.”

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