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Most CSD Students Will Return to Class, Canyons Updates Dashboard to Reflect New Guidance

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  • Post last modified:November 30, 2020

Nearly all of Canyons District students will engage in in-person learning after the Thanksgiving Recess.

Only Brighton and Hillcrest high schools will remain in online-learning schedules for all students as a result of confirmed active COVID-19 cases among students and employees as well as the positive rates in the neighborhoods surrounding the schools. Information about the future learning schedules for the Bengals and Huskies will be made available in the coming days. 

The Canyons Administration remains in close contact with local health authorities to monitor cases associated with schools and rates in the community and discuss how to move forward as safely as possible. The Canyons community can regularly monitor COVID-19 cases associated with Canyons schools by reviewing the District’s data dashboard, which can be accessed on the Canyons District website.

As school starts anew on Monday, Nov. 30 after the holiday break, Canyons District’s COVID-19 dashboard will be updated to reflect a new definition for how the District accounts for the COVID cases associated with CSD schools.

The update stems from additional clarification from health authorities, who have directed school districts to reset to zero the case count for any school that has completed a two-week pivot to online learning.

In line with this guidance, a triple asterisk has been added to the CSD dashboard to define “active COVID cases” as the “count of students/staff who tested positive during the past 14 days while school was in session.”

Patrons are encouraged to note that CSD’s numbers may differ from the health department’s dashboard, which reflects the number of positive COVID-19 cases in a school community, regardless of whether the school was in session. 

For example: On Monday when four CSD schools return to in-person instruction after a two-week virtual-learning schedule, the Salt Lake County Health Department may show one of those schools as having more than 15 cases, whereas Canyons’ dashboard will show zero cases for the schools that had been learning online for 14 days. 

This difference is due to the fact that the county is including positive cases that surfaced after any of those schools pivoted to online learning for all students. Those students/staff, however, will remain in isolation when the schools return to in-person learning.

For the purposes of Districtwide monitoring, CSD has been directed by the health department to reset the school counts to zero. 

During this health crisis, Canyons District continues to ask the community to follow such safety precautions as wearing a masking washing your hands, using hand sanitizers and observing physical distancing guidelines in public 

Parents are asked to monitor children daily for symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact a health provider if children begin to exhibit any of the symptoms of the novel coronavirus.  Those symptoms include a fever, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, a sore throat, congestion, nausea, or difficulty breathing. 

Questions? Please direct email to Parents also can call the District Office at 801-826-5000 during work hours.

Most CSD Students Will Return to Class, Canyons Updates Dashboard to Reflect New Guidance