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Free Sack Meals to Fuel Friday’s At-Home Learning

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  • Post last modified:October 8, 2020

Canyons District’s lunch crews remain committed to ensuring all students have uninterrupted access to nutritious meals.

Starting Oct. 9, Fridays will be a day for independent, at-home learning for students — and CSD’s Nutrition Services Professionals will make sure they are properly fueled for a full day of study.

On Thursdays, school lunchrooms will double the number of meals they normally prepare, adding a sack lunch to the mix for students to take home and enjoy on Friday. Schools that serve breakfast will also prepare a grab-and-go breakfast.

The only exception would be for no-school days. Schools will not be sending take-home meals to cover those days when schools are not in session.

The sack meals will be made available free of charge for as long as federal grant funding remains in place. Efforts will be made to distribute the meals at the end of the school day so they can be quickly refrigerated. This is important as the sack meals will contain perishable items. Nutrition information for the meals can be found at CSD’s online lunch menu.  

Due to special safety considerations, Jordan Valley School will not be sending sack meals home with students.

Free Sack Meals to Fuel Friday’s At-Home Learning
Lunch packed in a brown paper bag with red apple.