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Brighton High Students Return to In-Person Learning on Dec. 2

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  • Post last modified:December 1, 2020

Following a two-week pivot to virtual instruction for all students, Brighton High Bengals who are registered for in-person learning will return to campus on Wednesday, Dec. 2. 

After the return, Brighton High students will attend in-person Monday through Thursday with Fridays reserved for independent study and teacher preparation.

Parents and guardians were notified on Tuesday about the return to in-person learning at the Cottonwood Heights-area school via email and text message.  

The number of COVID-19 cases associated with the school now resets to zero on Canyons’ data dashboard. The reset is to have an accurate understanding of new cases occurring at the school after it resumes in-person learning. 

Custodians and other staff have been busy during Brighton’s two-week virtual learning schedule. Classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums and other gathering spaces were thoroughly cleaned in anticipation of the return of students and employees.   

Canyons District continue to ask the community to follow safety precautions. Please wear face coverings, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and observe physical distancing guidelines in public.

A daily symptom check is a good idea for Canyons families. Parents are urged to contact a health provider if their child begins to exhibit any of the symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Those symptoms include a fever, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, a sore throat, congestion, nausea, or difficulty breathing. 

Questions? Please direct questions by email to Parents also can call the school or the District Office at 801-826-5000 during work hours. 

Brighton High Students Return to In-Person Learning on Dec. 2