Big wins for Hillcrest, Corner Canyon and Brighton at 45th annual Shakespeare Competition

Canyons School District students fared quite well over the weekend at the 45th annual Shakespeare Competition at Southern Utah University.

High school students gathered in a large group on steps of a school.
Our amazing Hillcrest High School drama, dance and choir groups.

Which brings up a question: To brag, or not to brag? The answer: Of course!

Hillcrest and Corner Canyon both impressively won the overall first-place sweepstakes awards for their high school divisions. The Huskies’ drama, dance and choir groups received more points than all other teams in the Oxford Division, while the Chargers scored the most sweepstakes points in the Buckingham Division.

Brighton High’s Dance Company finished third in its competition, marking the first time in 20-plus years that the school placed in the top three.

As a wise bard once wrote, “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

High school students gathered in a large group photo on steps
Our talented Corner Canyons Chargers.

CSD winners included:


First-place finishers

  • Sweepstakes, Oxford Division
  • Tech Olympics
  • Ensemble Scene, King Henry VIII
  • Jacob Ruplinger as Cardinal Wolsey — Larry Lott Award for Best Actor in an Ensemble Scene (with $1000 college scholarship)
  • Munashe Tanjani, “King John” — Monologue (with $500 acting camp scholarship for highest ranking underclassman)
  • Porter Eldredge, Megan Oaks, and Gabe Williams, “King Henry VI” —Duo/Trio Scene (with two $1000 scholarships for highest-ranking seniors, and one $500 acting camp scholarship for highest-ranking underclassman)
  • Ghoti Fisher, Tech Portfolio (with $1500 college scholarship)
  • Ghoti Fisher, Tech Olympics
  • Tanner Abbott, Hair and Makeup (Tech Olympics)
  • Dylan Jerman, Set Construction (Tech Olympics)
  • Ghoti Fisher, Stage Management (Tech Olympics)
  • Lio Campbell, Props (Tech Olympics)
  • Tobey Bohun, Costumes (Tech Olympics)

 Second-place finishers

  • Serena Rogers, Monologue (“The Two Gentlemen of Verona”)
  • Aven Elder, Jaren Ruff, and Ayana Srivastava, Duo/Trio Scene Film Division (“King Richard III”)

 Third-place finishers

  • Jacob Ruplinger, Monologue with $1,000 scholarship for highest-ranking senior (“King Henry IV Part 2”)
  • Joseph Abbott, Josiah Hall, and Robyn Otteson, Duo/Trio Scene (“Hamlet”)


First-place finishers

  • Sweepstakes, Buckingham Division
  • Isaak Remund, Monologues (also earned $1,000 scholarship to SUU as highest-scoring senior in division)
  • Ian Colton, Lauren Dunn, Creed Gardiner, Emma Haynie, Chase Johnson, Jonathan Lutz, Maggie McDowell, Genevieve McGill, Nia Peterson, and Isaak Remund, Choir, Minstrel Large
  • Adam Beseiso, Sound in Technical Theatre

 Second-place finishers

  • Choir, Madrigal Large
  • Ensemble, Scene (Macbeth)
  • Kellen Hullinger, Monologues
  • Ian Colton and Lauren Dunn, Duo/Trio Scenes
  • Also noteworthy, the JV Dance Team received praise from judges for powerful and emotional dance pieces.


Third-place finishers

  • Dance Company, Monologue (Hamlet)
  • Also noteworthy, the drama team did a well-received and hilarious scene from a Midsummer Night’s Dream with a 70’s twist.

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