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Willow Canyon Utah’s First Certified Digital-Citizenship School

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  • Post last modified:November 11, 2015

Willow Canyon Wildcats are leading the way in learning how to use technology responsibly. The school was recently received national honors as Utah’s first Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified School. The honor recognizes Willow Canyon’s efforts to prepare students to combat cyber-bullying, privacy lapses and plagiarism, to name a few of the online dangers facing children today. 

“Willow Canyon deserves high praise for giving its students the foundational skills they need to compete and succeed in the 21st-century workplace and participate ethically in society at large,” said Rebecca Randall, vice president of education programs for Common Sense Education.

As technology becomes ever more accessible, Willow Canyon is teaching its students how to behave safely, participate responsibly and think critically in determining appropriate sources of information on the Internet.

Common Sense, a national nonprofit organization, approved Willow Canyon as a Digital Citizenship Certified School for its efforts to use research-based resources developed by Common Sense Education and Dr. Howard Gardner of the GoodPlay Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to teach digital literacy and citizenship to its students and the entire school community.

Way to go Wildcats!