Alta’s New Girls Hoops Coach Will Build on Tradition of Excellence

A former on-the-court powerhouse for the Beetdiggers is taking her talents to the home of the Hawks. Izzy Gustafson, who was a standout for Jordan High, is the new head coach of Alta’s girls basketball team. 

Gustafson, who has a bachelor’s of science in history education from Utah Valley University and is earning a master’s of education in coaching education from Ohio State University, says she is “more than giddy” to start rolling out her plans to advance the tradition of excellence that’s been established at Alta High. 

“I am very, very excited,” Gustafson said, noting her already-scheduled open gym times, parent meetings, and plans for summer camps and team-building exercises.  “We want to build on the strength and standards that are already there – and really take it to the next level.”

Gustafson said Alta’s team will be known for its confidence, dedication, teamwork, and high on- and off-the-court standards. Also, while it may be cliché, Gustafson believes that the best offense is a strong defense. “The first starter will be the best defensive player on the team,” she says. “The second starter will be the best rebounder on the team.” 

“If you can’t stop the attacking, you won’t be able to succeed,” said Gustafson, who also played guard for Northwest College of Wyoming. “Take care of your defense and the offense will come.”

Gustafson, also a former assistant girls basketball coach at Jordan High, is currently teaching in the Granite School District as a social studies teacher. She also coached the John F. Kennedy Jr. High girls hoops team.

Even though she’s still a Beetdigger “through-and-through,” she’s excited to start donning the black, silver and red colors that are proudly worn by Alta’s school community.  “I just tell them, ‘I am now just as much of a Hawk as you are.'”

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