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Work to Start on New Brighton Soccer Stadium

In just a few months, Cottonwood Heights, a significant part of Canyons District, will be home to a high school soccer stadium, one of just a handful in Utah.

The Canyons Board of Education on Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 approved the construction bids for the new full-sized soccer field in front of Butler Middle School. It will be the dedicated field for the soccer teams at Brighton High, which are known for their skills and tenacity and have a long-standing tradition of success on the pitch. Last fall, the Bengals’ girls soccer team claimed the 5A state championship trophy.

“It will be so nice to have the stadium – not only as an addition to the community but to carry out the championship legacy for Brighton soccer,” said Kim Horiuchi, a member of the Board of Education who represents Cottonwood Heights neighborhoods.

Since spring, the District has solicited input on the project from many people in the community, including Brighton High Principal Charisse Hilton, the Brighton School Community Council, and the high school’s soccer coaches. They gave valuable advice on the design of the field and planned amenities such as bleachers, parking, and a concessions stand.  

The extensive and wide-reaching effort to obtain community advice and comment delayed construction. However, Horiuchi said, the short waylay was worth it to ensure that the project meets the needs and wants of the community.

“I do appreciate all the input that we have received on it, not only from the community but from the Brighton High School Community Council, as well,” said Horiuchi.  “We felt that gathering that input was necessary.” 

Nancy Tingey, who also represents Brighton High as a member of the Board of Education, shares that sentiment and recognizes the value of working with community partners. “Thank you for your patience and engagement in this project. The new home for Brighton soccer will serve the school and community well for many years to come.”  

The soccer-field project, which will be completed by Hughes Construction, is the latest in a string of improvement and revitalization projects undertaken at CSD schools and District property in Cottonwood Heights. â€¨The new Butler Middle School is the largest project that has been completed since the District’s inception in 2009.  But CSD students, employees and patrons also now enjoy Brighton’s new Bengal Building; a new track at Brighton for student and community runners; Mountview Park; and playing fields and tennis courts where the old Cottonwood Heights Elementary once stood.

Furthermore, the Board of Education has approved a timeline for construction for a newly rebuilt Butler Elementary, a scheduled project funded by the $250 million tax-rate-neutral bond approved by CSD voters in spring 2010.  According to the timeline, work on a 70,000- to 75,000-square-foot Butler Elementary would begin in spring 2015 and be completed by fall 2016.  

Crews will soon begin work in earnest on the soccer field. When completed, it will be part of the athletic complex in Cottonwood Heights that has become ground zero for creating champions in soccer, tennis and swimming.  

In addition to the title-holding girls soccer team, Brighton’s boys tennis team has topped the state tourney seven times and last year BHS players won state titles in singles and doubles competitions. Brighton also has the most accomplished swimming program in the state. Last year, both boys and girls swimmers, who train at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, won state championships, and this year the boys team won its sixth straight 5A state trophy.   

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