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Your Small Change Can Make A Big Difference

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  • Post last modified:February 26, 2014

Your small change can make a big difference.
The Canyons Education Foundation has launched a donation drive called “Canyons Cans,” which will feature silver cans placed conveniently near the cash registers of some 100 businesses throughout the District.
When you’re presented with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters after a purchase, please consider dropping a few cents into the cans. The money, which will be collected regularly, will directly benefit students, teachers and schools in Canyons District.
“We highly value all of our relationships in the community, and see the Canyons Can as a simple way for every individual to give a little and collectively make a big difference in the lives our students and teachers,” said Laura Minson, Canyons’ Coordinator of Partnerships and Volunteers.
Keep your eyes out for this no-hassle fundraising effort to improve education in Canyons District.

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