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Crews Cap Corner Canyon High With 13-Ton Dome

The wet and chilly weather could not dampen the electric charge-forward spirit of the crowd that gathered Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012 to cheer the historic placement of a 13-ton dome atop the new Corner Canyon High School.

The dome, built by the Tremonton, Utah-based Munns Manufacturing, was made a part of the school’s design to pay homage to Draper’s heritage, said Dr. Paul McCarty, a member of the Canyons Board of Education who spoke at the 2:30 p.m. event. 

“The dome atop this wonderful school is a symbol of Draper’s pioneer past – a reminder of the Round House, which our ancestors used as a gathering place for community celebrations and activities,” said McCarty, who represents Draper. “It’s an honor to be a part of this historical moment where we bridge our pioneer past to a promising future.”

The Round House, which was known for its domed roof, was the social hub of Draper for decades before it was razed in the 1960s. To the end of establishing the high school at the city’s new central meeting spot, architects and CSD officials drew on the building’s design for inspiration, said Canyons Superintendent David S. Doty. In addition to the dome, various other elements that figured prominently on the Round House are reflected in the design of the school, which was created by Orem-based Sandstrom Associates Architecture.

“You’ll see grand columns, soaring arches and large windows that will give students amazing views of our magnificent mountains,” Doty said. “It’s been more than 50 years since the Round House was torn down. But I believe that this new high school, in both purpose and spirit, will carry on the proud tradition of being the social and educational hub for the families of Draper.”

Applause from some 125 Corner Canyon supporters rose with hundreds of biodegradable balloons when crews from Hogan and Associates Construction, the project’s contractor, capped the dome in place on the 311,000-square-foot building, which is the first traditional public high school in the city. A large crane lifted the dome into place.

Corner Canyon’s dome is 46 feet in diameter and soon will be capped with an 18-foot bell tower. The dome’s frame is made of steel and is wrapped in aluminum sheeting with an enamel, no-fade finish. It took several days to transport the 14-foot-tall dome from Box Elder County to its new home in Draper. The first half arrived at the construction site on Nov. 27.  The second half arrived earlier this week.

Corner Canyon Principal Mary Bailey thanked parents for their support in the ramp-up to the start of school. Bailey also thanked the construction crews for the care they “are taking to make sure this school is the best that we can build for our children.”

Corner Canyon High, home to the Chargers, will be two stories and will include a 120-seat lecture hall, a 1,200-seat auditorium, a 3,300-seat capacity gymnasium meeting NCAA standards, 1,200 parking stalls, a state-of-the-art track and artificial turf football field with seating for 3,500 home spectators and 1,200 visiting spectators, eight tennis courts and a baseball and softball complex.

Corner Canyon, 12943 S. 700 East, is one of two new schools that will open in Draper in fall 2013. The new Crescent View Middle School, 13133 S. 1300 East, also is scheduled to open this fall.

Thanks to the $250 million bond approved by voters in 2010, Canyons District launched an ambitious school construction and renovation schedule. This year, CSD celebrated the opening of the new Midvale Elementary and the renovated Albion Middle. Next fall, in addition to Corner Canyon and the new Crescent View, Cottonwood Heights students will return to a newly built Butler Middle School. Other projects are being discussed and planned.

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