2.2 Virtual Fun Run: Grab Your Tutus and Dance Across the Finish Line with CSD

With this being the year 2022, the month of February brings extra cause to celebrate.

More than a Tuesday, the date 2.22.22 is a twos day — and, here at Canyons District, we’re taking advantage of this numerological oddity to sponsor a virtual fun run.

Pick a distance: jog for 2.2 miles, or go for a 22-minute walk, as long as you get the job done between the dates of Feb. 2 and Feb. 22, 2022. The whole point of the “2.2 Run” is to get some exercise, have fun, and celebrate the changing of the seasons (for the uninitiated, Feb. 2 falls exactly halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox).

“You can sprint, walk, roll outside, or hop on the treadmill,” said Canyons Education Foundation Director Denise Haycock. “All we ask is that you register with us to receive one of our cute t-shirts and runners bibs, and take photos for sharing on social media with the hashtag #CSD22RUN. All of the money we raise will fund classroom projects for our teachers through Donors.Choose.org.”

The 2.2 Fun Run Tee, runners bib and tutu.

Registration can be done online with a credit card. The participation fee is — you guessed it — $22. The Foundation also has a limited supply of colorful tutus available for purchase for $10.

Though the fun run is meant as a wellness activity for Canyons employees, anyone is welcome to participate.

“We are proud to partnering with Canyons District’s Living Leaders and Wellness Committee, which paid for the t-shirts so that all proceeds can be used for teachers and classroom needs,” Haycock said. “This time of the year, we could all use an excuse to get outside, stretch and breathe.”

So, grab your tutus and dance — or do the two-step — across the finish line with your friends and colleagues at CSD!

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