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Board Issues Statement About Tentative Agreement for Teacher Salaries

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  • Post last modified:April 24, 2019

The Canyons Board of Education on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 issued the following statement about a tentative agreement with the Canyons Education Association for the 2019-2020 school year.

The statement was read by Board President Nancy Tingey at the end of the ceremony to announce the 2019 Canyons District Teacher of the Year.  The 7 p.m. event, held at Butler Middle School, was attended by all 47 Canyons District school-based Teachers of the Year and their friends and families.  

“Nothing in the public education system has a greater effect on a student’s learning than the teacher in the classroom. To the end of furthering the vision and mission of Canyons District through elevating the role of a teacher in our District’s success, we, the Canyons Board of Education, are looking to make a significant investment in teacher salaries. At the Board’s direction, the Administration has reached a tentative agreement with the Canyons Education Association proposing that, starting this fall, all Canyons District teachers would receive a $7,665-per-year salary increase, which will be presented for approval at the next board meeting. Representing a double-digit percentage boost for every teacher, this would put the starting teacher annual pay at $50,000 –elevating the teaching profession by bringing salaries in line with those of other professionals in Utah, and making it possible for teachers to pursue their passion, and do what they’re good at while also earning a living wage. This will be made possible with a community investment in our teachers in the form of a property tax increase, which will be presented for approval at a required Truth-in-Taxation hearing in August.  In accordance with laws governing the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, there is reason to believe there is enough support on the Board to move forward. All of the funds from the proposed property tax increase would go exclusively to teacher salaries. We see this investment as a positive step toward inspiring college students to regard teaching as a viable career and reinforce the belief that teaching is a destination profession. Coupled with all the new and renovated schools, and the robust ongoing professional development opportunities in Canyons, this proposed new compensation plan will make Canyons stand out as a district of choice, not just in Utah but around the country. More information will be available in the coming days, and we’ll also have plenty of time to have a community discussion about this initiative. But tonight, with this announcement and the presentation of these richly deserved Teacher of the Year awards, we celebrate our teachers, their hard work, their dedication and their vital role in helping our students reach for their dreams through education.”