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Canyons District Announces Make-Up Day for Weather-Related Cancellation

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  • Post last modified:February 8, 2019

To make up for the instructional time lost due to Wednesday’s snow day, a make-up school day has been scheduled for Friday, Feb. 15.

The date was chosen as a more prudent and less disruptive alternative to holding the make-up day on Presidents Day or during Spring Recess, the two options that are stipulated by the District’s Board-approved calendar guidelines. The Canyons Board of Education’s decision was done under a one-time suspension of those stipulations during a meeting of the Board on Thursday scheduled specifically for this purpose.

“The Board felt it was important to preserve quality instruction time, and Friday, Feb. 15 was the best option. We also recognize that many employees and families have already booked vacation and travel plans over the federal holiday, which we observe as a District,” says Canyons Board President Nancy Tingey.

Friday Feb. 15 was previously a no-school day for students, but is a contract day for school employees, which means they are already scheduled to be at work.

All Canyons District schools will now hold school on Feb. 15 according to their normal Friday schedules. Buses will also be operating that day. Click here to access the bell schedules for elementary schools, and here for middle and high schools. Middle schools will still maintain a late-start and elementary schools will have an early-out schedule.

Questions? Please find answers to frequently-asked questions below, or email

Your Make-Up Day Questions Answered

Why do schools have to schedule a make-up day? 
Under state rule, public schools in Utah are required to hold a minimum of 180 instructional days and recover any days lost due to inclement weather. Canyons District’s calendar guidelines stipulate that make-up days be held on Presidents Day or during Spring Recess. The Board’s decision to hold a make-up day on Monday, Feb. 15, 2019 was done under a one-time suspension of those stipulations.
What will happen if I keep my child out of school on the make-up day?
Canyons schools will follow current attendance policies, which allow for planned vacations. Parents wishing to excuse a student’s absence need to follow the usual steps by phoning their school’s attendance office. You can find more information on the district’s attendance policies here

What happens if we have more snow days this year? 
If Canyons District uses up all of its designated make-up days, it can petition the Utah State Board of Education for a waiver of any additional days missed. Such waivers are generally granted only under extraordinary circumstances, and can take some time to review. CSD may also decide to change the school calendar by extending the school year. Any changes made to the current school calendar would have to be approved by the Canyons Board of Education.