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Message for the CSD Community: School Safety Is A Top Priority

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  • Post last modified:February 15, 2018

The Canyons Board of Education and Administration grieve for the victims and families affected by Wednesday’s event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. 

Traumatic events such as the incident in Florida are unsettling for everyone, and we want to reassure our communities that Canyons School District has many measures in place to keep kids safe, including regular scenario-based drills.

While we don’t believe there is an immediate threat at any of our schools, the Canyons District security team, including School Resource Officers, are on high alert, and we have asked our principals to be extra vigilant in enforcing our security measures.

We’d like to remind parents that federal data show schools are remarkably safe and getting safer. Schools are the heart of a community, and must often serve as the linchpin of a community’s response to an array of emergencies. This is where a “safety-first” mindset and emergency-preparedness pay off, and why it’s important that all of us be vigilant.

One of the most effective tools in preventing violence is someone reporting it in advance. Utah schools are fortunate to have at their disposal a mobile app called SafeUT, which allows students and parents to anonymously report safety issues, such as instances of bullying, and threatened violence. The tool is an immediate, direct link to school administrators and licensed counselors. If you need it, here is a link to information about SafeUT, including how to download the app onto your phone. 

In addition, counseling supports can be provided if students or parents are feeling anxious or fearful about the safety of our schools. Please contact your neighborhood school if you feel like your child needs counseling services.

Some parents have asked how they can talk to their children about such tragedies. Please feel free to use these tips, which have been provided by our school psychologists as we’ve responded to school-based tragedies. 

  1. Reassure children they are safe
  2. Make time to talk
  3. Keep explanations developmentally appropriate
  4. Review safety procedures
  5. Observe and monitor your child’s emotional state
  6. Limit media coverage of these events
  7. Maintain a normal routine

Please rest assured that Canyons District is committed to providing safe schools.  If you have questions, please call the Canyons Administration Building at 801-826-5000 or send a message to