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Every child deserves to feel welcome and secure at school. That’s why Canyons is focusing not just on outfitting facilities with modern security features but also on fortifying the emotional needs of children. Through the District’s Student Services Department, all CSD schools have been assigned a school psychologist and/or a counselor and social worker — all highly trained professionals who can help guide students through challenging emotions. Building a positive climate, where all children feel like they are vital and valued members of the school community, is a top priority of principals and teachers.

CSD embraces a philosophy of teaching appropriate and positive behaviors instead of punishing misbehaviors, has formed task forces to address such important topics as suicide, holds fun-filled orientation meetings for students as they move from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school, and sponsors a robust roster of extracurricular activities. In CSD, our aim is to maintain environments where children feel safe to develop interests, raise their hands, reach out to new friends, and know they are surrounded by caring adults.





Canyons takes substance abuse seriously. Whether students are drinking alcohol, smoking, or vaping on campus, CSD has a zero-tolerance policy for any of these behaviors. As the use of some of these substances — such as e-cigarettes or vaping devices — become more surreptitious, Canyons is looking at new ways to combat the trend. If students are caught vaping, the device is destroyed, according to new legislation, and students are required to attend a prevention class at the Canyons Family Center. If the action happens again, students meet with a therapist to determine the underlying cause of the substance use and develop a plan of response. After a third time, the student will be referred to the Student Responsive Services Department for further support. Canyons also 加入了一场大规模的联邦诉讼 against Juul Labs, alleging the e-cigarette maker has downplayed the health risks of its products in marketing campaigns to minors, which led to a settlement. Any money received from the settlement will be used to support students and vaping-prevention efforts. 


每个学生都有受教育的权利。峡谷采取了恢复性行为模式,以加强行为标准并应对叛国,行为不检或吸毒或酗酒。违反安全规定的学生,例如带武器上学或贩毒的学生,将转交给地区案例管理团队以建立安全性,并审查学生和学校都需要采取哪些干预措施和支持。根据违规情况,可能要处以罚款,参加干预计划或被停学或开除学籍。只要学生因停学或开除等纪律处分而被剥夺了受教育的权利,则该学生有权获得正当程序。这项正当程序权包括在进行长期停学之前进行通知和公平听证的权利,其中可能包括10天或更长时间的停学,或被Canyons School District学校开除。




We know that when it comes to keeping kids on track academically, every day of instruction counts. Even missing a few days a month can cause a child to fall behind at school. There are legitimate reasons for missing school, and Canyons has staff and resources available to support students in their learning. This includes Home and Hospital Instruction supports for students who, due to health problems, anticipate having to miss school for a prolonged period of time. A link to the District’s attendance policy and process for parents to report absences to their school can be found on CSD’s homepage.




Not only are trained staff members available to aid students who are struggling, but Canyons was among the first school districts in Utah to roll out access to a mobile app text-and-tipline called SafeUT. This is available for students and parents to use if they need to immediately report a concern, be it about a student’s mental, social or physical well-being. Access to this app, which provides all-day and all-night access to licensed clinicians at the University of Utah’s Huntsman Mental Health Institute, is available to all Canyons school communities. The SafeUT app and website were developed as part of a partnership between the University of Utah and the Utah State Office of Education with funds allocated by the Utah Legislature. Multiple languages are available. Users can submit a tip with a picture and/or video, and a user can communicate online or call by phone. However, if you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. You can also contact the suicide-prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK to speak to a trained crisis worker.


Alta View基本

如果制作一部关于超级教师的电影,露西·张伯伦将是主角的主要候选人。对于她在 Alta View 小学的幼儿园学生来说幸运的是,她已经在为他们提供支持的角色中茁壮成长。父母感谢她是“超级老师”。她也被描述为“了不起的同事”。无论学生是在课堂上还是在生病时在家中需要帮助,露西都在帮助他们学习、克服恐惧、感到重要和被关心。据家长们说,露西是许多孩子从讨厌学校变成喜欢学校的原因。她散发出耐心、甜蜜、正能量和对有特殊需要的学生的爱的方式受到赞赏和钦佩。一位家长指出:“我的两个孩子都希望她能永远成为他们的老师。”另一位补充说:“她对待每个学生都像对待他们的学习一样,他们的感受是她的首要任务。”超级老师,真的!





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