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Episode 13: Ready for ‘Big Kid’ School? There’s a Lot Consider, and the Time to Prepare is Now

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look ahead and make some plans for the future. If you have a child who will be five years old on or before Sept. 1, 2021, kindergarten is one of the things that’s helpful to start thinking about now. Even if it seems your little one couldn’t possibly have grown this fast, now is the time to begin thinking about what kind of kindergarten program you’d like your student to attend. This is the time of year schools start gathering information for regular kindergarten classes, and the application for

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Episode 12: Generous Donation of Live-streaming Innovation Helps Teachers Reach Students from a Distance

It seems counterintuitive that the pandemic — a time of lockdowns, quarantines and physical distancing — could bring us closer together. But we crave human connection, especially in times of crisis, and technology, from catch-up sessions over Facebook to Zoom calls, has made it possible to keep those connections alive. Teachers have wrestled with how to harness technology to meaningfully connect with students from a distance. In this episode of Connect Canyons we meet the architects of a live-streaming innovation that is helping them do just that. We’ll hear from a teacher who is putting it to use, and learn

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Episode 11: You Are What You Eat — So For Kids, It Better Taste Great

For some students, knowing what’s on the lunch menu might not be the most important part of the day. But for Canyons Nutrition Services Department, it’s everything. From taste tests to strict health requirements, locally sourcing ingredients and analyzing what’s a popular meal and what’s not, Canyons goes to great lengths to make sure students have healthy, delicious food choices every day at school. This year, the meals are provided to students for free through exemptions allowed by the USDA. In this mouth-watering episode of Connect Canyons, we will take you behind the scenes of Canyons’ Nutrition Services Department and

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Episode 10: This Year’s Bumper Crop in School Improvement Funding

What is Utah’s Permanent State School Fund? That’s a jargony name that may not mean much to some of our listeners. But this fund is special. It has a special place in Utah’s history, it plays a vital role in fueling school improvement, and to understand its origins and purpose, we went straight to the source: The custodian of the school fund, Utah’s State Treasurer Dave Damschen. In this episode of Connect Canyons we talk to Mr. Damschen about the role of locally-elected School Community Councils in determining how the funds are spent. We also talk about how the fund

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Episode 9: Be a Hero, Support Your Neighborhood School by Substitute Teaching

Created by a vote of the people, Canyons District has always enjoyed uncommon levels of community support, and this year — when parents, grandparents and patrons ask what they can do to help — invariably, the answer is substitute teach. More do-gooders have signed up to cover classrooms this year than ever. Even so, COVID-related health and safety precautions have heightened demand for substitutes as teachers are placed on quarantine or, out of abundance of caution, asked to stay home with a sore throat, a cough or the sniffles. Learn why schools are still on the hunt for helping hands,

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