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Feeling Secure and Welcome

How CSD Supports Student Mental Health

While it’s important to install security features on the physical building, Canyons District believes it’s equally important for students to feel welcome, secure and valued. The issues faced by Canyons’ Responsive Services Department are complex, but the laser-like focus of this department’s staff is simple: Students can’t achieve at high levels if they are anxious, worried, fearful, depressed, or feeling some level of trauma, among other emotions. The District’s Responsive Services Department works to streamline the social-emotional learning, and physical- and mental-health supports for all of Canyons’ schools. Canyons District has embraced a “blended model” for providing supports to students who are experiencing difficult emotions. Recognizing these professionals have different, yet equally important skill sets, we’ve worked hard to provide every school with at least one counselor and/or one social worker or school psychologist. Secondary schools have counseling centers to help guide students not just toward high school graduation but also a healthy outlook on life. School nurses also are a part of helping students feel well enough to learn at high levels.

CSD Responsive Services Department’s ‘Blended Model’ of Providing Support

School psychologists, social workers and counselors are assigned to every school to support students and families. Each has an important yet varied skill set that CSD can employ to help students feel safe, secure and welcome. CSD’s Responsive Services also maintains and online library of tools for parents and educators about a range of topics from suicide and drug- and alcohol-prevention to tips about how to talk to children, adolescents about traumatic events.

Canyons School District Resources:

Canyons District also is providing information about resources within the District and community for families who are seeking extra support with various issues, including help coping with trauma or tragedy.

Community Based Resources:

Instant & Constant Student Support

Not only are trained staff members available to aid students who are struggling but Canyons was among the first school districts in Utah to roll out access to a mobile app text-and-tip line called SafeUT. This is available for students and parents to use if they need to immediately report a concern, be it about a student’s mental, social or physical well-being. Access to this app, which provides all-day and all-night real-time access to school administrators and licensed clinicians at the University of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, is available to all Canyons school communities. The SafeUT app and website were developed as part of a partnership between UNI and the Utah State Office of Education with funds allocated by the Utah Legislature. Multiple languages are available. This intervention and emotional support also provides follow-up and responses through user-password protection. Users can submit a tip with a picture and/or video, and a user can communicate online or call by phone. However, if you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. You can also contact the suicide-prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK to speak to a trained crisis worker. 

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