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How We Communicate • What We'll Tell You

We get it. When parents hear about an emergency near or at their child’s school, they want information as soon as possible. It’s a natural and expected reaction. In Canyons District, we’ve established communication protocols so that parents and guardians can receive emergency notification in a matter of minutes. When an incident occurs, parents are immediately notified via telephone and email. These notifications go to the phone numbers and email addresses that parents supply during CSD’s annual online registration process. Parents can update their contact information at What will we tell you? We will inform parents of the nature of the emergency and the safety status of students and teachers. When the incident is over, we will send another message. Please do not come to the site of the emergency unless otherwise directed. Additional traffic hinders the ability of first responders to perform their duties. 

Sample Emergency Message

This message is for parents at Blue Hills Elementary. At the request of police, the school has been placed on shelter-in-place status. This means that an incident is happening away from campus, school is operating as usual and students and employees are safe inside the building. Again, all students and employees are safe within the building. As more information becomes available, we will let parents know. To support law enforcement as they respond to this issue, and as a precautionary measure, we ask that parents do not come to the school to either drop off or collect your children until further notice.  Thank you.

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