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Board Policy

  1. Public schools assume a responsibility in the conservation of hearing of the student in public schools. This responsibility is given in Utah State Law 53-22-1.  Impaired hearing is a condition which affects the student academically, socially, and psychologically.  Therefore, every effort shall be made to prevent this condition.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to develop administrative regulations consistent with this policy.



Student Hearing Conversation Program - 500.44-1

  1. The Director of Special Education and the technical assistance and compliance specialist for Speech-Language-Hearing Programs, in cooperation with other members of the Speech-Language-Hearing Staff, shall be responsible for the development and annual review of the District Hearing Conservation Program.
  2. The objectives in the District Hearing Conservation Program shall be as follows:
    1. To educate students in practices of good aural hygiene.
    2. To identify as early as possible, through periodic audiometric testing, students with hearing impairment.
    3. To help students with impaired hearing obtain medical diagnosis and treatment directed toward the restoration of hearing.
    4. To provide basic data which may be utilized in planning to meet the special needs of hearing handicapped students throughout the District.
    5. To initiate necessary adjustments in the educational programming of students with impaired hearing to help them compensate for their handicap.
  3. Procedures
    1. Students shall receive a pure-tone screening evaluation on a grade level basis as determined by appropriate school personnel.
    2. In addition to grade level testing, the hearing conservation program shall make special provisions for testing other students as requested by parents, teachers, principals, and other school personnel. Those students with known hearing impairments will be tested annually or as needed.
  4. Administration
    1. Hearing evaluations shall be administered by the District audiologists and speech-language pathologists who are qualified in hearing testing by training and experience. Elementary pure-tone screenings are performed by teams of parent volunteers under the direct supervision of the District audiologist.
  5. Referrals
    1. Referrals for students with hearing problems shall be initiated as follows:
    2. A student shall be considered for medical referral when audiological examination indicates it is appropriate.
    3. A student shall be considered for further audiological examination whenever additional information concerning their hearing, which cannot be provided within the capabilities of the District, is needed.
    4. A student shall be referred for special classroom or special schools for the aurally handicapped whenever his hearing loss is so great that he cannot function adequately in the regular classroom.
  6. Follow-up
    1. Parents shall be notified as soon as the student is identified as having an apparent reduction in hearing acuity.
    2. Teachers, principals, counselors, and other school personnel responsible for the educational management of students shall be informed concerning those students needing preferential seating or other necessary accommodations.
  7. Reporting
    1. Audiograms shall be confidential and shall be maintained in the audiologist’s office. This information shall be made available only to District personnel who are directly responsible for the management of the student.







Document History

Adopted – 8.27.1969.

This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.