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Board Policy

  1. The Board recognizes that maintaining a high level of immunization among the students contributes to the health and well-being of the total community. Therefore, the Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee  to establish immunization screening procedures and to exclude from school those students who are not either immunized or exempted as required by Utah Code Ann. § 53G-9-301 et seq. and any applicable Utah Department of Health rules.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to develop administrative regulations consistent with this policy, subject to review and approval by the Board.



Definitions - 500.34-1

For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

  1. Exemption: A student is exempt from the requirement to receive a vaccine if student qualifies for a medical or personal exemption.
    1. medical exemption: a student qualifies for a medical exemption if the student’s legally responsible individual provides to the student’s school a completed Utah State Health Department vaccination exemption form; and a written notice signed by a licensed health care provider stating that, due to the physical condition of the student, administration of the vaccine would endanger the student’s life or health.
    2. personal exemption: a student qualifies for a personal exemption if the student’s legally responsible individual provides to the student’s school a completed Utah State Health Department vaccination exemption form, stating that the student is exempt from the vaccination because of a personal or religious belief.
    3. A vaccination exemption form is valid for as long as the student remains at the school to which the form first is presented.
      1. If a vaccination exemption form is no longer valid because a student changes schools, new vaccination exemptions forms will be required. (See, §53G-9-303 (4))
      2. New vaccination exemption forms are routinely required for enrollment in pre-K, kindergarten, or grade 7.
  2. “Immunization” or “immunize”:  means a process through which an individual develops an immunity to a disease, through vaccination or natural exposure to the disease.
  3. “Immunization record”: means a record relating to a student that includes:
    1. information regarding each required vaccination the student has received, including the date each vaccine was verified;
    2. information regarding each disease against which the student has been immunized by previously contracting the disease; and
    3. an exemption form identifying each required vaccination for which a student is exempt.
  4. “Legally responsible individual”: means a student’s parent or legal guardian; or an adult brother or sister of a student who has no legal guardian or the student, if the student is an adult; or is a minor who may consent to treatment under Section 26-10-9.



Immunization required; School Review Process at Enrollment - 500.34-2

Immunization Required:

  1. In accordance with state law a student may not attend a school unless:
    1. The school receives an immunization record from the legally responsible individual of the student, the student’s former school, or a statewide registry that shows that the student has received each vaccination required by the local health department; or for any required vaccination that the student has not received, that the student has immunity against the disease for which the vaccination is required, because the student previously contracted the disease as documented by a health care provider or is exempt from receiving the vaccination;
    2. The student qualifies for conditional enrollment (See, Admin Reg: 34-3); or
    3. The student is a student of a military family for whom the District receives public funding, and student complies with the immunizations requirement for military children.

School Review Process at Enrollment:

  1. Each school shall request an immunization record for each student at the time the student enrolls in the school.
    1. A school may not charge a fee related to receiving or reviewing an immunization record or a vaccination exemption form; and shall retain an immunization record for each enrolled student as part of the student’s permanent school record.
  2. Within five business days after the day on which a student enrolls in a school, an individual designated by the school principal or administrator shall:
    1. determine whether the school has received an immunization record for the student;
    2. review the student’s immunization record to determine compliance; and
    3. identify any deficiencies in the student’s immunization record.
    4. If the school has not received a student’s immunization record or there are deficiencies in the immunization record, the school shall place the student on conditional enrollment. (See, Admin. Reg 500.34-3)
  3. Locals school shall be responsible to monitor the immunization levels for all students.   District nurses shall serve as advisors to the school in this process.  



Conditional Enrollment - 500.34-3

  1. If a school has not received a complete immunization record for a student, the student may attend the school on conditional enrollment during the period in which the student’s immunization record is under review by the school; or for 21 calendar days after the day on which the school provides written notice of conditional enrollment.
  2. Within five (5) days of placing a student on conditional enrollment, the school shall provide written notice to student’s legally responsible individual. The notice shall include:  
    1. the school placed student on conditional enrollment for failure to provide a complete immunization record;
    2. the deficiencies in the student’s immunization record or states that the school has not received an immunization record for the student;
    3. the student will not be allowed to attend school unless the legally responsible individual cures the deficiencies, or provides a complete immunization record; and
    4. the process for obtaining a required vaccination.
  3. A school shall remove the conditional enrollment status after school received an immunization record that is complete.
  4. At the end of the conditional enrollment period, a school shall prohibit a student who does not comply with immunization requirements from attending the school.
    1. A school principal or designee:
      1. shall grant an additional extension, if extension is necessary to complete all required vaccination dosages, for a time period medically recommended to complete vaccination dosages; and
      2. may grant an additional extension of the conditional enrollment in cases of extenuating circumstances, if school principal or designee and school nurse or health designee that an additional extension will lead to compliance.



Transfer of Immunization Records; School’s record of Student’s Immunization Status - 500.34-4

  1. A school from which a student transfers shall provide the student’s immunization record to the student’s new school upon request of the student’s legally responsible individual.
  2. Each school shall maintain a current list of all enrolled students, indicating:
    1. Each student with a valid and complete immunization record;
    2. students exempt from receiving a required vaccine;
    3. students allowed to attend; and
    4. Specifically identifies each disease which a student is not immunized.
  3. A name appearing on the list described in (1) is subject to confidentiality requirements.




  • Utah Code §53G-9-301 et seq., Immunization Requirements



This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.

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