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Policy 400.50 – Resignation

The Board of Education values the employees of Canyons School District (CSD) and their contributions to CSD students and the school system. The Board also recognizes that under extenuating circumstances, an employee of the District may request termination of his/her contract.

Policy 400.52 – Voluntary Employment Separation

The Board of Education recognizes the need for consistent attendance by dependable personnel to provide a quality education for students and to keep the District operating effectively. Employees, as described herein, refer to all contract instructional staff (licensed), support staff/education support professional (ESP), and administrative employees of Canyons School District.

Policy 400.56 – Employees (URS and Sick Leave)

The Board of Education recognizes the value of employees to the District. Employee provisions regarding URS retirement and sick leave were agreed upon and forwarded to the policy committee for inclusion in District Policy.

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