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Board Policy

  1. The Board recognizes the need of a group testing program to gain information for use in individual student planning and to help evaluate the instructional programs of the District. Therefore, the Board charges the Administration with establishing a District-wide group testing program.
  2. The Board authorizes the Superintendent and District Administration to establish administrative regulations consistent with this policy.



Administrative Responsibility - 600.09-1

  1. The Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, under the direction of the Deputy Superintendent for Student Achievement, shall be responsible for the general direction and administration of the District-wide group testing program.



Regulations - 600.09-2

  1. Group tests are administered to gain information about the achievement of individual students, to provide information used in the screening and placement of students and to help evaluate instructional programs.
    1. Achievement tests are to be used in the basic District-wide group testing program.
    2. Tests will also be administered to establish competency and mastery of core curriculum standards as directed by the Canyons School District Board of Education, Utah State Board of Education, and the U.S. Department of Education.
    3. Other tests may be administered to determine student aptitude, achievement and interest levels for vocational guidance, for placement of students in remedial classes and for grouping students in various academic courses.
  2. The Assistant Superintendent in collaboration with the Instructional Supports Directors in Assessment and Instruction, shall periodically review the District-wide group testing program and make recommendations concerning test selection, testing procedures and the testing calendar.
  3. Procedures for administering the District-wide group testing program are to be established by Institutional Research and Assessment and includes:
    1. The development of an annual group testing calendar
    2. The ordering, distribution and security of test materials
    3. The preparation of orientation programs and materials regarding the proper use, administration, interpretation and security of tests
  4. Principals shall be responsible for the administration of the District-wide group testing program at the local school level. They are responsible for the distribution and security of test materials and the relaying of test orientation information to the professional staff members within their building.  At the middle school and high school levels an administrator or counselor shall be designated as the school testing coordinator.
  5. Test scores shall be released to parents/guardians and to secondary students on appropriate occasions through (1) conferences in which test scores are interpreted by a professional educator or (2) by other procedures deemed appropriate.
  6. Institutional Research and Assessment shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of test results and reports.
    1. It shall be each principal’s responsibility to see that test scores are maintained in each student’s permanent record folder.
    2. Reports containing statistical summaries of test data shall be prepared as required by the Administration, and state and federal programs.
  7. The procedures for students/parents to appeal a given test score or scores is as follows:
    1. Within 60 days of receipt of test results the parents or guardian shall notify the school principal in writing the specific testing irregularity or inaccuracy that has resulted in their appeal and their request for a remedy.
    2. The principal will review the appeal in a timely manner. In the case of students receiving special education services, the IEP team will be included in the review.
    3. The principal will notify the parent or guardian of the decision on the appeal.
    4. Should the parent or guardian disagree with the decision of the principal, they may appeal within 60 days to the Board of Education.
    5. The Board shall schedule such a hearing at the convenience of the parties directly concerned and shall notify those persons who will be in attendance at this hearing.
    6. The student, parents or guardian may exercise the right to be represented by legal counsel at the hearing.
    7. The Board must receive a notice ten (10) school days prior to the hearing if the student wishes to be represented by legal counsel in order that the administration may exercise the same right.
    8. After the hearing, the Administration will inform the parents or guardian in writing of the decision.







Document History

Adopted – 1.4.2005


This online presentation is an electronic representation of the Canyons School District’s currently adopted policy manual. It does not reflect updating activities in progress. The official, authoritative manual is available for inspection in the office of the Superintendent located at 9361 South 300 East Sandy, UT 84070.