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Policy 600.02 Exhibit 1 – CSD Standards for Approved Texts/List

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CSD Standards for Approved Texts/List

  1. The Instructional Supports Department will maintain a list of approved texts and supplemental resources.
  2. The list will include information regarding correlation of the text to State and Common Core standards.
  3. Recommendations for inclusion on the list of approved texts can be made at the end of each grading period (no fewer than three times a year) by school-based personnel, district personnel, and parents in the community.
  4. Concerns related to text approval will be resolved utilizing existing communication channels (for example, meetings with departments and/or school representatives and other necessary district personnel), utilizing rubrics that qualitatively and quantitatively assess the match between intended reader(s), text in question, and assigned task(s).
  5. Should the existing communication channels not lead to a decision, the matter may be referred to a District committee.

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