Episode 18: Time for Change: How Can Schools Take Advantage of Lessons from the Pandemic?

The pandemic has forced us to be more creative with our time. We’ve found ways to make the most of “stay-at-home” orders and working and learning remotely. We’re even teaching differently, adopting methods such as the flipped classroom where students do their assigned reading and work at home before coming to class so teachers can devote class time to answering questions and working through topics where students feel stuck. These types of strategies are all about freeing up classroom time for teachers, and making it more productive for them and their students. Now that we are beginning to see clear of the pandemic, the question facing educators is which of those strategies should be continued? How can we take advantage of all we’ve learned, and how can we find the time to do so? In this episode of Connect Canyons, we pose some of these questions to author and educational transformation expert Eric Sheninger.