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Parent Guided Learning

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our Savvas online resources, namely Reading Street and EnVision. Because of these technical difficulties, several tools offered in Reading Street and EnVision are temporarily unavailable. Canyons is aware of the problem, and we are working with Savvas to resolve the issue. Please see this link for a temporary workaround. Please contact if you have further questions.

Welcome to At-Home, Parent-Guided and District-Supported Instruction

You have elected to serve as your child’s primary instructor. To support you in planning instruction for your child, Canyons has created a learning guide for each grade level.  Each learning guide includes the standards, scope and sequence of learning topics, and CSD-recommended resources for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Elementary learning guides also include teaching strategies to support teaching foundational skills.   

If you have any questions related to At-Home, Parent-Guided Instruction, please contact us at 801-826-5350 or email us at

Parent Guided Learning Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have found that the At-Home, District-Supported, Parent-Guided Instruction Option is not optimal for your family, you may contact Canyons District to request a change of learning options. Please call 801-826-5350 or send an email to Your child’s name will then be placed on a waiting list for the Online or In-Person Instruction Options. Participation in those learning options will be granted on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis.  

During the Online Registration process, parents who selected this option were made aware that they would be responsible for leading their child’s instructional needs for at least one grading period. However, to aid parents in daily lesson planning and ongoing instruction, Canyons District has created a web portal, found at, to provide instructional tips and curriculum resources.

In addition, the following supports will be given at the elementary, middle and high school levels:

  • Elementary: Mathematics workbook at every grade level; science workbook for fourth and fifth-grade students; digital access to teacher and student resources Reading Street and Envision (Savvas/Pearson); access to the Lexia literacy-instruction and Dreambox mathematics computer programs; and a learning guide with supplemental resources and instructional strategies.
  • Middle School:Learning guide with supplemental resources and instructional strategies, and a soon-to-be-released Canvas course for parents with weekly instructional modules and assignments that align with the in-person and online courses led by Canyons District teachers.
  • High School: Classes for high school students will be led by CSD teachers through the Canyons Virtual High School.

Yes. Students in need who are registered for the At-Home, Parent-Guided, District-Supported Instruction Option may check out a Chromebook. Please contact your child’s school to inquire about a Chromebook. 

As their child’s primary instructor, parents are responsible for their child’s academic progress. Children in this learning option will not receive a CSD report card. However, students in this option will be required to participate in state assessments, and parents will be apprised of the results of those assessments.  

Parents should plan on having their child participate in the Utah State Board of Education-required comprehensive assessments that are administered toward the end of the school year. These assessments include RISE for third- through eighth-grade students, Utah Aspire Plus, which is for grades nine through 10, and the ACT for high school juniors. The content area assessed includes English Language Arts/reading, math, and science. Please note there is no science RISE test in the third grade. Screening assessments, such as the Reading Inventory/Math Inventory and Acadience will be optional.  

Your student will not be assigned a homeroom teacher, but will be affiliated with the school through the principal, who is technically assigned as the “Teacher of Record.” If you have questions about the curriculum, please see, a website created by the Canyons District Instructional Supports Department. 

A Distance Learning Plan will be created for Special Education students in this learning option. The DLP is not intended to replace a student’s IEP, but rather to document individual priority decisions for Special Education services while enrolled in optional distance learning. Families choosing this option will be invited to attend a meeting to develop an individualized plan. 

To ensure we are providing customer service to our patrons, Canyons District has selected a point-person at the District Office to answer questions and address issues related to this learning path. If you have questions, including inquiries about the possibility of transferring to the In-Person or Online Learning Options, please call 801-826-5350 or send an email to and a representative will be available to assist. If the representative doesn’t pick up the phone immediately, it’s because she’s working with another family. Please leave a voice message with your name and contact information, and she will return your call as soon as possible. 

Clever is Canyons single sign-on portal for many District programs and applications. This means that no student has access to all of the programs. Programs are specific to grade levels, student groups, or schools.

Elementary students participating in parent-led instruction will have access to:

  • Savvas Realize
  • Lexia
  • Dreambox

Secondary students participating in parent-led instruction will have access to:

  • Lexia Power
  • Dreambox

Other Resources

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