Canyons Family Center - Monthly Classes

Monthly classes

To register for a class please use our online booking system or call 801-826-8190 during office hours!

Tuesday Classes (6:30 - 8:30 pm) Jan.14th - April 15th

Staying in Control: Anger Management - Secondary level (3-week class)

This course is designed for the young adolescent (grades 6 - 8), and covers a variety of topics including, anger triggers, emotional self-management, peer presure, communication skills, problem solving, coping, and relaxation techniques. A parent/gaurdian is required to attend with the student. Participants can begin this class any Tuesday.

Substance Abuse Prevention  (4-week class)

The Substance Abuse Prevention class is designed for students (6th through 12th grade) who may have made poor decisions regarding drugs and alcohol, and may be at-risk for further substance-abuse related issues.The class includes specific lessons on problem-solving, decision-making, communication skills, mood management, the stages of adolescent drug/alcohol dependency, and basic drug/alcohol information. A parent/guardian is required to attend the class with the student. Participants can begin this class any Tuesday.

I Am a Girl, "What's Your Super Power" (Self-Esteem Grades 7-12)

Girls will learn about self-esteem and the factors that affect it.  They will learn the symptoms and behaviors related to a low self-esteem and develop skills to re-build and maintain a good self-esteem.

Effective Parenting (PBIS for Parents)     
This is a class for parents and caregivers only. The focus of the class is to provide parents with positive parenting strategies that have proven successful with children in the home environment. Parents will be given the opportunity to problem solve issues and struggles that they experience as parents. Parents will be asked to try the strategies at home and to report back to the group each week on how the strategies worked.

Banana Splits-Divorce Class for Kids (Grades 3rd - 6th)  
This group will help children better understand and cope with the changes in their lives while going through, or following divorce. Through hands on activities, role-play, and supportive group discussions, they will develop and practice important skills they will need to be happy and successful.

Wednesday Classes (6:30 - 8:30 pm) Jan. 15th - April 22nd

Me Time: Coping with Depression and Anxiety (grades 7-12)

Sometimes life feels heavy. This six-week course, taught by Salt Lake County Youth Services, will teach skills in managing difficult emotions to help you feel like yourself again.

Keeping Cool: Anger Management - Elementary level (3 week class)

This course is designed to assist the younger student (grades 3 -5) in learning about their emotions and behaviors. Specific lessons will help students identify their emotional triggers, and develop strategies for improved self-management, coping skills, problem-solving, and relaxation. A parent/guardian is required to attend the class with the student. This class runs the first three weeks of each month, and participants must begin the first week.

Super Heroes Children’s Group (Grades 3rd - 6th, Autism Spectrum Child) 
Children diagnosed with high-function autism or autism spectrum disorders learn social skills using high-interest material and motivation strategies. Each session provides practice of one social skill through a variety of group activities, including Superhero video instruction, video peer modeling, role-plays, structured games, and Superhero social stories. Class size is limited.

Manageing Middle School with a Growth Mindset (Grades 6th - 8th)

This course is designed to support the young adolescent (grades 6 - 8) with embracing the middle school experience. Students will be taught to use a growth mindset to reach their full potential. Participants will learn strategies to implement flexible thinking,practice self-advocacy, and manage stress.

ADHD Parenting

This class is a MUST for families struggling with understanding and parenting children with ADHD. This is a parent or caregiver only class. This class will cover symptoms of ADHD, difficult parenting issues, interventions in the home and school for ADHD children, school communication, and resources available in the community. This class is appropriate for parents with children already diagnosed with ADHD as well as those who have a family history or suspect their child has ADHD.