Migrant Education Program

Our Migrant Education Program is a federally funded program for disadvantaged students of parents who are employed in agricultural work and move frequently to follow seasonal jobs. These funds are distributed within the school district to help provide support staff, transportation, availability of school buildings and other resources to those students.

Our Purpose
  • The purpose of this program is to provide education and support services to children and is specifically designed to meet their individual educational needs. Some of these services include: intensive reading and math interventions, science, as well as social skills.
Who Qualifies?
  • Children are eligible to participate in the Migrant Education Program if their parents are agricultural workers and employed in temporary or seasonal agricultural positions. It’s a great opportunity to help support your child’s education and development. If you feel you are eligible please take advantage of this wonderful program and contact us.



Canyons School District
Student Advocacy and Access

For more information please contact:
Victor Rivero
Phone:  801-826-5493
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