2020 Enrollment Dates
October 28, 2019 - November 8, 2019
Benefit Fair: October 29, 4:00 to 7:00, Mount Jordan Middle school
Enrollment Clinics: Oct 30, & Nov. 5, 7 from 3:00-5:30 Mount Jordan Computer Lab

Insurance Directory people

Name Position Phone
Robert Reeder Insurance Coordinator 801-826-5448
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Insurance Specialist 801-826-5451
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Retirement Specialist  801-826-5368

Canyons School District is proud to offer a comprehensive benefit package to eligible, full-time employees who work 30 hours or more per week. 

Covid -19 Information and Resources

Community Resources on the Covid 19 Virus Outbreak
Covid-19 Information Hotline -  1-800-456-7707

Utah State Department of Health -
Salt Lake County Health Department -
Center for Disease Control (CDC) -

PEHP Information and Resources
PEHP Coverage for Covid 19 Testing and Treatment
PEHP Telemed Resources

Insurance Carrier Information

Insurance Plan  Carrier Network Description Phone Number 
Enrollment Services Employee Navigator Employee Navigator is the District's enrollment tool. You will log into this tool during the District's annual benefits open enrollment, or to make changes due to a qualifying event.   
Health Insurance PEHP Advantage Network  The Advantage Network utilizes prodominetely the Intermountain Healthcare system and its assosciated physicians, hospitals and clinics  (800) 765-7347
Health Insurance PEHP Summit Network  The Summit Network Utilizes the University of Utah, Iasis, and Mountain Star heatlhcare systems and their associated physicisans, hospitals and clinics    (800) 765-7347
Dental Insurance  EMI HEALTH EMI Health  EMI Health administrers four different plan designs.    (800) 662-5850
Vision Insurance EMI HEALTH VSP   EMI health administers two plan designs that Utilize the VSP provider network.    (800) 662-5850
Life & Disability Insurance MetLife
 Effective January 1, 2019, MetLife will be the Life insurance administrator for the District's life & disability Insurance coverage.  (800)
Flexible Spending /HSA Discovery Benefits Discovery Benefits will begin to manage the Districts Flexibles Spendings and Health Savings Accounts effective January1, 2019.  They also administer the District's COBRA benefits.  (866) 451-3399
Employee Assistance program (EAP) Blomquist Hale  The employee assistance program is a counseling service the assist employee and there families with a variety of counseling needs  (801)262-9619

PEHP Pharmacy Information

Prescription Drug Benefit

Looking for a dose of information about your pharmacy benefits? This section is just what the doctor ordered. Check out these online resources to help you get your medication quickly and at the lowest cost.

The Preferred Drug List is a listing of prescription medications that have been chosen by PEHP's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (a team of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists from the Intermountain area). They choose medications that provide the best overall value based on quality, safety, effectiveness, and cost. The Preferred Drug List may be modified periodically with changes based on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee's recommendations. The pharmacy benefit is categorized into four co-payment tiers:

  • Tier 1:  Preferred generic medications that are available at the lowest co-payment.
  • Tier 2:  Preferred brand name medications that are available at a median co-payment.
  • Tier 3:  Non-preferred medications that are available at the highest co-payment.
  • Tier 4 - Specilaty Medications
    • Tier A:  Specialty medications available at the lowest specialty co-payment
    • Tier B:  Specialty medications available at the intermediate specialty co-payment
    • Tier C:  Specialty medications available at the highest specialty co-payment
Ask your doctor to refer to The Preferred Drug List when he/she is choosing a prescription medication. Choosing a preferred generic or brand name drug will ensure the lowest possible co-payment.

Do you have additional questions about your specialty medication:

  • Does my specialty medication require preauthorization?
  • What Tier is my specialty medication?
  • Where can I fill my prescription?
  • How does manufacturer copay assistance work?

For additional information please contact the pharmacy department at 801-366-7551 or 1-888-366-7551

Flex and HSA Debit Cards

The FSA(Flex) and HSA debit cards are usally issued for periods of 3 years.  The cards are typically reloaded from year to year and can be tied to either type of account.  New cards are issued when the card nears its expiration date.  If you have any questions concerning the FSA or HSA account debit cards or if you need to have a card reissued, please contact Discovery Benefits at 1-866-451-3399.  

1095-C Reporting

The 1095C forms are documents that the District is required to issue to all employees who are benefit eligible.   These forms are tax documents and should be retained along with your annual W2 and other tax documents.     For the 2018 calendar year these forms will be issued by January 31, 2019 and will be available through Skyward Employee Access.   For individuals who have elected to receive these forms by mail.  They will be mailed by January 31, 2019 and should be received within 7 to 10 business days.   

If you have any questions or issues in regard to the 1095C forms, please contact the District Insurance Department at 801-826-5428

New Hire Enrollment

If you are a new employee with the district, or if you have recently become eligible for benefits due to a position change, you have 30 days from your start date to enroll in benefits. If you fail to enroll during this initial 30 day window you will not be able to enroll in benefits until the next Open Enrollment window.   Benefit selections will begin the first of the month following your first day worked.   New employees should receive an email through District email within the first week of employment.  This email will provide you with benefit information as well as instructions for how to log into the enrollment tool and complete the enrollment process.  Benefit materials are also available upon request from the Insurance Department.   While enrolling in benefits is voluntary, it is mandatory that you log into the system and either accept or decline benefits.  Please note: everyone is required to complete the annual open enrollment every fall for the new plan year starting in January even if you completed the process as a new hire for the current year.

Choosing Benefits

Choosing Insurance Benefits is a highly personal decision. A single, 26 year old, in good health has very different benefit needs than a middle aged employee with high blood pressure and a family. No one understands your needs better than you, and it is important that you decide which benefits will work best for you and your family. There is not a one size fits all benefit option.  

We have prepared a benefit booklet to help you make your insurance decisions.  (Link to the Benefit Guide). We have made an effort to provide you with a considerable amount of choice concerning your benefit options. This Benefit Guide provides a concise overview of the plans the District offers. We suggest that you spend a few minutes becoming familiar with your options.   

Before you make a decision on benefits we encourage you to take an inventory of

your medical needs and preferences for yourself and your family. The following are suggestions of things you can do to help you in deciding what benefits are right for you.
  1. Make a list of all the special health concerns in your family.
  2. Consider how frequently you and or family require medical attention.
  3. List your preferred doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals.
  4. Estimate what you spend annually on medical expenses.
  5. Consider how much you can afford to pay for benefits, and how well you manage your finances.
All of the above considerations can have an impact on your Insurance selections and understanding these aspects will help you in making a good decision. If you have questions concerning your insurance options feel free to contact the Insurance Department for assistance at 801-826-5428.

Wellness Incentives and Activities

Employee wellness is of great importance to the Insurance Department. We would like all Canyons District employees and their families to live healthy, active lives. The Insurance Department is continually striving to develop additional wellness initiatives and activities.

2020 Benefit Enrollment

Annually, we hold a mandatory Open Enrollment for benefits. Open Enrollment for the 2020 plan year will open on Oct 28, 2019 and will close on November 8, 2019.  All benefit eligible employees are required to log into the system during this window and verify their coverage elections, dependents and beneficiaries. It is extremely important for employees to complete this process even if you choose to waive District Health Insurance coverage. This annual review and confirmation of your benefit elections should take approximately 30 minutes; this allows you to re-evaluate your current circumstances and make changes if necessary. It also helps to ensure election, dependent, and beneficiary information is correct and up-to-date. All Changes made during Open Enrollment take effect on January 1st, 2020  

Employees interested in Flexible Spending Elections or HSA Elections please be advised, that Flexible Spending elections and HSA Elections must be renewed annually.  If you want to make contributions to a Flexible Spending account or an HSA account you must elect a contribution amount during your open enrolllment window.   All of the enrollment and benefit information can be found in the information and forms section of the Insurance Department page.

Status Changes

Occasionally there are major life events that can affect your benefit needs and may create a opportunity for you to make limited changes to your coverage mid –year.  

Life events Include:
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth/Adoption/Guardianship
  • Death
  • Involuntary loss of coverage
  • Enrollment in other coverage
If you’ve had one of these events occur, please contact the insurance department as soon as possible. The Insurance staff will need to enter the status change into the enrollment system before you will be able to Log into the system to make the necessary changes.    

Status changing events only allow you to make changes to your benefits that are necessary to accommodate the change. For instance, adding a baby to coverage following a birth, or dropping coverage on an ex-spouse following a divorce. It doesn’t allow you to change what health plan you are enrolled in or change the carriers you have elected. If you want to change carriers or plans you will need to wait until the next open enrollment window, then the changes will take effect in the following plan year.      

You have 30 days from the status changing event to make the change. Documentation that substantiates the status change, i.e. Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Decree, adoption paperwork etc., will be required.  

Status changes typically take effect as of the date of the change. For instance, if you have a baby the effective date of the change would be the date of the birth. Be aware that if changes are entered after the 10th of the month it may not be reflected on that month’s payroll deduction and would require and increased deduction in the subsequent month.

Terminating Employees

In most circumstances, when an employee terminates the District Health Insurance coverage ends on the last day of the month following the date of termination. In situations where a contracted employee has completed the contracted school year, but decided to not renew employment for the next contract school year, their coverage will continue to the end of the contract period. 

Terminated employees can continue coverage through the District if they enroll in COBRA coverage. Employee will be sent a notification once the District Coverage ends. Terminated employees have 63 days to enroll in COBRA coverage.  Once enrolled the coverage will be reinstated back to the date coverage was lost. COBRA enrollees will pay the full cost of the monthly insurance premiums plus a 2% administrative fee.  

Flexible Spending participants: Please be aware Flex spending cards will be deactivated upon termination with the District. Claims will need to be submitted manually for processing. Only services rendered prior to the date of termination will be eligible for reimbursement. Any unused funds at the end of the plan year will be forfeited. All of this is according to IRS Guidelines.