Home School Exemption Process

Home School Exemption Process:
  1. A parent must register their student for home school prior to being withdrawn from their public boundary school.
    1. Complete and notarize the Home School Affidavit.
      1. Pick up the form at the district office located at 9361 South 300 East, Sandy, UT 84070 or
      2. Print out form online HERE.
    2. Mail or deliver to Canyons School District Office:
      1. Department of Planning and Enrollment, 9361 South 300 East, Sandy UT 84070
    3. Once the Home School Affidavit is processed by the Canyons Department of Planning & Enrollment a copy of the signed certificate of exemption will be mailed back to the parent.
  2. When the parent receives the copy of the processed home school affidavit in the mail, they may then take that processed copy of the home school affidavit to the boundary school to withdraw the student(s) from public school.