Whether in the classroom, or on the starting block, court or mat, these sporting scholars bring everything they’ve got. For persevering through years of tough quizzes, meets, matches and performances, 22 students representing all five of Canyons District’s traditional high schools have earned Academic All-State status in winter sports.

Sanctioned by the Utah High School Activities Association, the Academic All-State Award is reserved for high school seniors who have a 4.0 cumulative grade point average, or achieve a cut-score that takes into account grades and performance on college-entrance exams. The following 22 winter honorees bring to 48 the total number of CSD students to be chosen this year for the award:

Amelia Nelson, Brighton
Elle Kilgore, Corner Canyon
Nicole Spilker, Hillcrest

Girls Swimming
Cienna Wilko, Brighton
Sydney Haddock, Brighton
Annika Manwaring, Corner Canyon
Grace Poulson, Corner Canyon
Julianna Smith, Corner Canyon
Johnson, Corner Canyon
Laura Wan, Hillcrest

Boys Swimming
Jones Loveall, Alta
Fa'alataitaua Fitisemanu, Brighton
Sean G. Farrenkopf, Brighton
Jacob Kessler, Corner Canyon
Richard Barnes, Jordan
Wade Stepan, Jordan
Caylor Willis, Hillcrest

Girls Basketball
Caroline Murri, Alta
Chloe Norseth, Brighton
Kaitlyn Sterner, Jordan

Boys Basketball
Zachary Katzenbach, Hillcrest

Boys Wrestling
Kaden Westerlind, Corner Canyon
There are a few names for what parents and teachers fear will happen to their students over the long stretch of summer. The summer slide, brain drain, and learning loss are just a few the terms referring to the tendency of students to lose ground academically over long school breaks.

But not on Allyn Kau’s watch. This year, the Alta View Elementary parent decided to tackle the summer slide head on and see what she could do to keep the Road Runners reading through the lazy days of June, July and August.

She volunteered to create a program, using the Partners in Dyad Reading method encouraged by the Utah State Board of Education, then worked with Alta View Principal Scott Jameson to develop a weekly opportunity for students to come to school and practice their reading all summer long. The result was a highly-organized community effort to keep students moving forward—not backward—so they could resume school this week without missing a beat.Cau

“We’re always told to read 15-20 minutes a day, but with a little change, you can make a big difference,” Kau said. “I saw students struggling in math and reading and I was just hoping to find a way to help them catch up, or at least not drop.”

Kau learned about Dyad Reading at a presentation at the state PTA convention. While there, she made connections with the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), United Way, Utah State Fair and the Reading Network Group, who each gave her donations, such as notebooks, resources and Spanish and English flyers on how to participate in Dyad Reading. Her initial inroads led to connections with the Salt Lake County library system, which agreed to support the program.

Next, Alta View’s librarians, teachers and reading interventionists were willing to volunteer their time for two hours once a week to help read with the students and allow the children to check out a book from the school library. Principal Jameson used school-based funds to pay for the electricity needed to open the school for the program, and fund the teachers and employees. Librarians from the Salt Lake County system also volunteered at the reading session, as well as other members of the community.

“The program had two purposes, to read with the kids and to train parents in how to be better at reading with their kids,” Jameson said. “This is an example of a way that we can come together and work really well to find the best thing for the kids, and it became a much better program than it would have been if we were working separately.”

Dyad Reading pairs adults and students together as they sit side-by-side and simultaneously read out loud books that are two grade levels higher than the student’s reading group. If the child doesn’t know a word, the adult repeats it, and then the entire sentence, then continues on. According to the USBE, the method can improve reading fluency and comprehension by 1.9 grade levels.

“I think if we teach the parents to do it and get them on board, it’s a win-win situation,” said Tami Malan, a second-grade dual-immersion teacher at Alta View who also wanted to find a way to give students access to the school library during the summer. Students can lose three or four months of reading levels during the summer when they don’t read, Malan said. She’s already thinking about how to improve the program next year—but she says it couldn’t have been done without Cau’s initiative. 

Kau regularly volunteers at the school, belongs to the PTA, and occasionally works as a substitute in the classroom. The reading program was a monumental effort, she says, but in the end, even if only one student benefitted, it was worth it. 

“I say, just do something. Start somewhere. Talk to somebody,” Kau said. “There are always people who are willing to help. You don’t have to know everything, you just have to get the ball rolling and other people will fill in with their strengths and expertise.”

The USBE has an online guide for parents who are interested in trying Dyad reading with their children at home. Here are some highlights:

What is Dyad Reading?

Reading with your children is one of the most important things you can do to help them excel at school. We access the world of knowledge through reading, and, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” The Dyad reading method is one way of reading with your child that has been proven to deliver measurable gains. It’s simple, and involves sitting side-by-side with your child, and reading aloud together as you scan the words with your finger. Discuss your child’s instructional level with your teacher. Use grade-level texts for first-graders. For students in grades 2-6, use materials that are about two grade levels above their current reading level.

•  Share one book.
•  Sit side by side.
•  Use one smooth finger.
•  Read with two voices.
•  Keep eyes on words.
•  Problem-solve to break words into manageable chunks.
•  Don’t go too fast or too slow.
•  Write down words you don’t know and look up their definitions.
•  Discuss the characters and plot.
•  Summarize main ideas.
•  Have fun!
Canyons District’s sporting students are logging big wins academically and athletically.

In a year during which students have, thus far, claimed 12 state team and individual championship titles in Utah High School Activities Association-sanctioned activities, 80 students representing all five of CSD’s comprehensive high schools have also earned Academic All-State Honors.

This includes the most recently-announced awardees in spring sports, a whopping 33 of them (listed below). The All-State Award is granted to student athletes, artists and scholars who are the best in their respective activities and committed to high academic achievement.
Boys Tennis
Carter Davis, Alta
Mark Godfrey, Alta
Bryan Guo, Hillcrest
Eric Yu, Hillcrest
Alan Zhao, Hillcrest
Boys Track and Field 
Tavin Forsythe-Barker, Alta
James Fetzer, Brighton
John Hillas, Brighton
Adam Kimball, Brighton
Stephen Glod, Corner Canyon
Brandon Johnson, Corner Canyon
Peter Oldham, Corner Canyon
Girls Track and Field
Rebecca Urban, Brighton
Elizabeth Walker, Brighton
Abigail Bankhead, Corner Canyon
Karli Branch, Corner Canyon
Vilhelmina Done, Corner Canyon
Mikayla Kimball, Corner Canyon
Emily Liddiard, Hillcrest
Erika Oldham, Jordan
Boys Soccer
Alex Christiansen, Alta
Adam Ranck, Brighton
Alex Fankhauser, Brighton
Ethan Ellsworth, Hillcrest
Boys Tennis
Parker Watts, Brighton
Isaac Williams, Brighton
Graden Jackson, Corner Canyon
Girls Golf
Emma Summerhays, Brighton
Anica Coesens, Corner Canyon
Boys Baseball
Alexander Hansen, Brighton
Girls Softball
Josee Haycock, Corner Canyon
Kate Aragundi, Hillcrest
Stephanie Aragundi, Hillcrest

Twenty-six more Canyons District athletes have been presented Academic All-State Awards this year for excelling in sports and in the classroom.

The awards are announced each sports season by the Utah High School Activities Association with this latest round going to students involved in track and field, boys soccer, baseball, softball, girls golf and boys tennis. This brings to 65 the total number of CSD honorees in 2017-2018. 

Congratulations to these sporting scholars:

5A Boys Soccer, Combined GPA, 3.999
David Brog, Brighton 
Thatcher Schwendiman, Brighton 
Jace Vance, Brighton

5A Baseball, Combined GPA 3.994
Zachary Larson, Brighton
Matthew Ebeling, Corner Canyon
Dalton Hagen, Corner Canyon

5A Softball, Combined GPA 3.991
Maguire Wright, Alta 
Erin Christensen, Brighton 

6A Girls Track and Field, Combined GPA 4.0
Madison Hooper, Hillcrest 
Madeline Martin, Hillcrest 
Jessica Ulrich, Hillcrest 

5A Girls Track and Field, Combined GPA 4.0
Claudia Caten, Brighton 
Emily Johansen, Brighton 
Olivia Liu, Brighton
Nicole Critchfield, Corner Canyon 
Makenzie Easton, Corner Canyon 
Raili Jenkins, Corner Canyon 
Hannah Sanderson, Corner Canyon 
Madison Westerlind, Corner Canyon 

5A Boys Track and Field, Combined GPA, 4.0
Aaron Jackson, Corner Canyon 
Trevor Lawson, Corner Canyon 
Michael Petty, Corner Canyon 

5A Boys Tennis, 3.997 GPA
Trek Lewis, Corner Canyon

6A Girls Golf, 3.986 Combined GPA
Jessica Ulrich, Hillcrest 

5A Girls Golf, Combined GPA 3.990
Mia Montgomery, Brighton 
Katherine Pearson, Brighton
Fourteen more Canyons District athletes have been presented Academic All-State Awards this year for excelling in sports while maintaining high grade point averages.

The awards are announced each sports season by the Utah High School Activities Association with this latest round going to students involved in basketball, drill team, swimming and wrestling. To date, this brings to 39 the total number of CSD honorees in 2017-2018.

The following awardees boast a combined grade point average (GPA) of 3.999:

5A Girls Basketball
Sidney Kaufmann, Brighton
Macy Raddon, Brighton
Nicole Critchfield, Corner Canyon
Hannah Sanderson, Corner Canyon
Peyton Naylor, Jordan

6A Boys Basketball
Bassel Tekarli, Hillcrest

5A Boys Basketball
Adam Christensen, Brighton

5A Drill Team

Alexis Kilgore, Corner Canyon

5A Girls Swimming
Olivia Huntzinger, Brighton
Michaela Page, Brighton
Ashley Pickford, Corner Canyon

5A Boys Swimming
Stephen Hood, Alta
Kevin Metcalf, Jordan

6A Wrestling
Richard Abbott, Hillcrest
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