Thursday, 18 June 2015 17:18

Canyons Launches New Way to Deliver E-Flyers to Parents

While Peachjar may sound like something you would pull out of your grandmother’s pantry, it’s really the name of an e-flyer company that has recently partnered with Canyons District.  

Parents this week received notification that Canyons District is launching this new method of sending electronic flyers. They also received an e-mail, which included a username and password, which welcomes them to Peachjar.

To view the flyers, parents can simply click on the Peachjar button on Canyons school and District websites or sign up through the Peachjar website to receive the flyers via e-mail. 

Parents also can opt-out of receiving the e-mails by updating the delivery preferences on the Peachjar website. 

Until now, schools have printed paper flyers from community partners and businesses that pay a fee to advertise to District families. Those flyers were shoved into backpacks — and found when parents pulled out the smashed-up papers.  This eco-friendly initiative will save paper and reduce copy costs. Posting in this “electronic backpack” also removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers.
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