Multi-Tiered Student Support (MTSS)

Multi-Tiered Student Support (MTSS) is a framework that many schools use to provide targeted support to struggling students. The framework focuses on the “whole child.” MTSS addresses both academic growth and achievement, but it also supports many other areas. This includes behavior, social and emotional needs, and absenteeism.

In Canyons School District, all staff are responsible for creating a proactive learning environment, which supports positive outcomes for students by enabling them to develop social competencies necessary for future success.

The purpose of the Canyons School District MTSS Specialists is to provide expertise and guidance to support school personnel in building a proactive, positive, and responsive system within each school to support all students in all settings. MTSS Specialists are available to schools for consult, professional development, prevention practices, and restorative practices.   

MTSS Model

Tier 1

Universal (Tier 1) represents those supports provided to all students.

Tier 2

Targeted (Tier 2) represents additional supports provided to remediate or accelerate student success.

Tier 3

Intensive (Tier 3) represents individually-responsive supports intended to further remediate or accelerate student success and do not necessarily equate to special education services.

The MTSS model has three tiers of increasing support. Tier 2 and 3 supports are provided in addition to, not in place of, Tier 1 instruction.

Multi-Tiered Student Support (MTSS) Forms