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Social Studies

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Professional Development


 6th Grade:

  • McGraw-Hill, Discovering our Past:  A History of the World
  • CORE, Word Intelligence, World Edition

7th Grade:

  • Gibbs Smith Education, Utah’s Journey

8th Grade:

  • Pearson, America: A history of our nation Beginnings to 1914 (several options are available – continue to use your current text until next adoption)

 9th Grade:

  •  Glencoe, World Geography and Cultures (new edition due summer of 2014)
  • Holt, Geography, (2012), 9-12 grade edition.  (Replaces World Geography Today that is going out of print.


  • Nystrom World Atlas
  • Goode’s World Atlas

AP Human Geography:

  • Prentice Hall, The Cultural Landscape
  • Wiley, Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition

10th Grade:  World Civilizations

  • Holt, Human Legacy (2008) for replacements
  • New Adoptions:  Holt, Patterns of Interaction (2012)
  • Prentice Hall, World History (2014)

11th Grade:  US History

  • Holt, The Americas (2012). (Replaces The American Anthem that is going out of print.)
  • Prentice Hall, World History (2014)

12th Grade:  US Government

  • Pearson, Magruder’s American Government (2013)
  • Holt, United States Government, Principles in Practice (2012)

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