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Canyons School District will conduct its first ever Dependent Audit beginning August 24, 2020 through October 9, 2020. This audit will verify that all dependents enrolled in Canyons School District’s Health plans adhere to the eligibility rules of the plan. Claims for ineligible dependents can negatively impact the performance of the health plan, which may require the District to raise rates or decrease benefits in the future.  The District selected an experienced outside firm by the name of Impact Interactive to conduct the audit. 

How It Will Work

The audit process is online and is comprised of two parts.  The first part is the online Affidavit. You will go to the dependent eligibility website and make statements of fact about your current spouse and child relationships. This process takes less than 10 minutes. If you don’t have internet access, contact Impact Interactive’s Support Center and provide your information to a trained representative.

The second part is document verification. You will submit official, legal documents that verify the statements you made online. Once you finish your online affidavit, the website will tell you what documents you need to submit ─ and how to submit them.  Submitting your documents is a convenient, easy process. See the Quick Start Guide for more information.  

Who Needs to Participate

This audit is verifying dependent eligibility.   Therefore any employee who has elected to cover other individuals, such as a spouse and/or children, will be part of this audit.  The eligibility rules allow for participants to cover their legal dependents, whether that is a biological child or dependent as defined through a legal process. (i.e marriage, guardianship, adoption etc.)  Dependents who fall outside of these parameters are not eligible for coverage through the District.      

What if my covered dependent is ineligible?

If you are aware that your dependent is ineligible for coverage, you may consider taking steps to resolve the issue. If the issue can’t be resolved, still go through the audit process and be honest about the ineligible dependent. No action will be taken until the audit has been completed. Once the audit is complete, the auditors will provide the District a list of ineligible dependents.  The District will review the list of ineligible dependents and determine an appropriate course of action based on the number and types of violations identified in the audit. 

Submitting Documents Securely

Impact Interactive’s Expert Audit ™ has been given the HiTRUST Certification – which means it has passed a rigorous test of industry accepted data security and process methodology standards. The data and documents received from you and your employer gets the highest level of encryption techniques and secure transfer protocols. To do your part, remember to redact all SSNs, Account Numbers, and Financial information from all documentation submitted. Additionally, all data and documents are digitally destroyed and purged from our system once the audit is complete.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions please contact the Impact Interactive Support Center at 1-866-691-6551   

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