Title III Identification

Alternative Language Enrollment Procedure

New students enrolling into Canyons School District follow the same registration procedures set up through Canyons School District’s Planning and Enrollment Department. However, students qualifying under McKinney Vento, Refugee, immigrant and migrant status are to be enrolled immediately and are granted more time for documentation gathering. Canyons School District’s liaison personnel gather the appropriate documentation while students attend school.  School attendance is never interrupted even if the documentation is not all there when they first register.

Upon enrollment into Canyons School District, every family must answer the following questions found on the Primary Home Language Other Than English (PHLOTE) survey:

  • What was the first language that the student learned to speak?
  • Which language is used most by student?
  • What is your preferred language for the home-school communication?
  • Which language is spoken most often in the student’s home?
  • Would you like interpretation services provided for parent-teacher conferences, etc?

Survey Purpose:

The purpose of this PHLOTE form is to identify students in need of English language development services. Based on the results of this survey, students will be tested for their level of English proficiency and provided language instructional services as needed. If a language other than English is indicated for any of the questions, the student is considered to be a language minority student.  Once this determination has been made, the following must occur: English proficiency assessment, upon enrollment and annually thereafter, to assess the level of English proficiency and measure growth annually (Forte, E., Faulkner, M., p. 96).

If any of the above questions indicate that there is a language other than English spoken in the home, the parent/guardian completing the registration process will be prompt to complete the Alternative Language Classification Form for each student. School head secretary/registrar runs the ALCF report and sends to the Alternative Language Services Department immediately following registration. At the beginning of the school year, Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) have 30 days from the time student first registers to be identified as limited English proficient, and be placed for appropriate educational services. After the start of the school year, then LEA’s have 14 days from registration day to identify and place students into services [Section 1112(g)(1)(A); Section 3302(a)].

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