Question: Our family is struggling financially. Is there a way for my children to be served meals at school at little to no cost?

Answer: Yes. Children will not go hungry in Canyons District schools. Regardless of their ability to pay, children will receive food. Prices are reasonable for a meal in CSD cafeterias. The cost of breakfast is 90 cents for elementary school students and $1.10 for middle and high school students. The cost of a lunchtime meals is $1.75 at elementaries and $2 at middle schools and high schools, although there are ala carte menu items that students can select if they don’t want a full meal. Also, we have in-class breakfast programs at Midvale, Sandy, Copperview, and East Midale elementary schools. At those schools, students receive breakfast at their desks before learning starts for the day. Parents do not have to apply for this service; it’s provided free of charge to all enrolled students. However, parents can apply to qualify for free- or reduced-priced lunches either online or at their child’s school. An answer to an online application submitted at will be returned in 24 hours. Answers to hard-copy applications that are obtained at schools can take up to 10 days to receive. If you are earning at or below Income Eligibility Guidelines, we encourage you to fill out an application. The school will process your application and issue an eligibility determination. If you are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, your child automatically qualifies for free school meals.
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