South Park Academy

Assistant Principal:
For Transcripts:
Todd Bird
Tracy Moore
Paula Ivie

Address: 14425 S. Pony Express Rd.
Draper, UT 84020
Phone: (801) 576-8249
Fax: (801) 576-8262
School Colors: Maroon & Yellow

About South Park Academy

South Park Academy is an AdvancedED accredited high school that has been providing education to the incarcerated adults at the Utah State Prison since 1955.  Currently South Park Academy employs 31 dedicated teachers and staff that provides education in all seven lockdown facilities on the Draper site.  With 1100 plus students enrolled each year, South Park helps over 300 inmates obtain their diplomas annually. 

Funding for South Park comes from three sources.  The Utah State Legislature funds corrections education at the Utah State Prison, Utah Central Academy in Gunnison and the county jails that house state inmates.  The Utah State Office of education provides funds to corrections through state and federal grants under the Workforce Innovation and Occupations Act (WIOA).  Additional funding comes from a variety of state and federal grants.

Mission Statement
The mission of South Park Academy
Is to reduce recidivism rates among our prison population
through adult and transitional education.

Transcript Request

To obtain transcripts from South Park Academy, former students will need to mail or fax a request containing the following:

· Student's Name

· Student's Date of Birth

· Student's Social Security Number

· Address or Fax Number to send transcript

· Student's Signature

A note or letter containing the above requirements will be sufficient. There is no required fee.

Our transcript request fax number is 801-576-7963 and our mailing address is

South Park Academy

P.O. Box 250

Draper, Utah  84020

Questions regarding transcripts may be answered by calling 801-576-7981, 801-576-7982 or 801-576-7984.  

All other questions, including those regarding the whereabouts of unsent diplomas may be answered by calling 801-576-8249.


Lone Peak 0,058
Olympus 0,029
Oquirrh 0,386
Promontory 0,237
Timpanogos 0,231
Uinta 0,265
Wasatch 0,286
Total High School Students: 1,492


Recent Study finds Correctional Education Improves Inmates' Outcomes after Release

Findings from a recent meta-analysis that examined the association between correctional education and reductions in recidivism, improvements in employment after release from prison, and learning in math and reading found support to the premise that receiving correctional education while incarcerated reduces an individual's risk of recidivating. They also found that those receiving correctional education had improved odds of obtaining employment after release. The authors also examined the benefits of computer-assisted learning and compared the costs of prison education programs with the costs of reincarceration.
  • Correctional education improves inmates' chances of not returning to prison.
  • Inmates who participate in correctional education programs had a 43 percent lower odds of recidivating than those who did not. This translates to a reduction in the risk of recidivating of 13 percentage points.
  • It may improve their chances of obtaining employment after release. The odds of obtaining employment post-release among inmates who participated in correctional education was 13 percent higher than the odds for those who did not participate in correctional education.
  • Inmates exposed to computer-assisted instruction learned slightly more in reading and substantially more in math in the same amount of instructional time.
  • Providing correctional education can be cost-effective when it comes to reducing recidivism. 

To read the entire study go to;