Why does school start earlier this year?

Parents spoke, and we listened. In response to input from patrons who expressed concern about our schools letting out later than those in neighboring districts—which makes it difficult for families to coordinate summer vacations and for high school students to find compete for summer jobs—

Canyons’ schools will let out this year starting in May, instead of the first week of June. In order to preserve the minimum of statutorily-mandated instructional days, this necessitated that we also start school a few days earlier than usual. There also will be fewer Fridays when school is not in session, alleviating the need for working parents to secure child care. There will be no change in the number of instructional days or holidays. The changes were approved by the Board of Education based on recommendations by the District’s Calendar Committee, which is made up of employees, and parents. Teachers also provided input via two extensive surveys. To aid families in their planning, all new and tentatively-approved calendars can be found on the District’s website.
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