College Test-Prep Fraudsters Target Cell Phone Owners

Recently, there have been reports of phone scams in which callers, claiming to be from The College Board, contact Utah parents in an attempt to collect payment for ACT or SAT test-prep materials. The callers will ask for a credit card number so they can mail the materials to a student who has supposedly requested them. Sometimes, they’ll mention the student by name, or have access to other identifying information that makes their story more believable, says Canyons District Research and Assessment Director Dr. Hal Sanderson. “But The College Board would never initiate a phone call to a family or seek payment by credit card over the phone.” Phone fraud is a growing problem, and the test-prep scam isn’t the only one tied to education. In another ploy, callers will claim to be collecting overdue payments on student loans. Sanderson encourages anyone who encounters a suspected scam to report it to the Federal Trade Commission at
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