How can parents compete with digital devices to connect with their children this summer?

We all know teenagers live with their phones in their hands. It can be especially frustrating when your kids won’t stop texting while on a family vacation. But there is an alternative to just taking the phone away. Katie Blunt, an education-technology specialist with the Canyons School District, recently appeared on ABC4Utah and KUTV with tips for how parents can get their kids to actually learn something while using their phones this summer. Among her recommendations — a detailed list of which can be found at the following link — are to encourage kids to record and edit video journals documenting the highlights of family getaways. Did you know there are apps for creating custom geocache challenges and virtual scavenger hunts? There are also plenty of interactive websites that kids can use to find local hiking trails or learn more about a given city or town. Check out this handy website for all kinds of resources and ideas:

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